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Miller used pen names for some of his earliest submissions; Vindicator,
Miner, Skurb, and *** in his Shasta County period. He sometimes used Hine, Hiner, Henry, Nat, or Ned Miller as well as John Smith Jr., Niles Gaston, and De Weiver; his many other pen names included Cora, Pax, U Know Who, Ned Miller, Sierra, Cincinnatus, and C.H. Miller. In 1863 he was using other pen names: Agricola, Professor Bones and H*** in The Golden Era, the initials "C.H." in his first book, and an article written for the Overland Monthly; "Cincinnatus H." in his second book; and thereafter his better known pen name "Joaquin."

Many of Miller's early books published in the United States had previous publication, ranging from a few days to several months, in London.

Entries are ordered chronologically with the following variances:

  • If a date is unknown or presumed, it is followed by a question mark (1881?).
  • Books and other annual publications precede listings that include month and day.
  • All publications sharing the same date are listed alphabetically by title.
  • Untitled works precede titled works.
  • Multiple articles in the same publication are listed in page order.
  • Entries which span multiple years are at the end of the first year.

The following notations are being used with the knowledge that, although we have listed libraries or institutions where we know these books, materials etc. may be found, this list is not all-inclusive and many can be found elsewhere.

We also believe that- after thirty years of research - it was important for this material to be presented, notwithstanding the fact that certain citations have not been either seen or verified. There is much more to be found and many more newspaper articles to be identified as Miller's. For example, researchers are now identifying articles written but not signed by his fellow journalist Ambrose Bierce.

[AAS] refers to materials on file at the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester MA.

[BAL] refers to material gathered from Jacob Blanck's 1973 Bibliography of American Literature, Volume Six, pp. 182-217, Yale University Press.

[BAN] refers to material on file at the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, CA., 94720-6000.

[BB] refers to letters held by Barclay Bates, San Francisco, CA.

[BEL] refers to material found in the Bellingham, Washington Public Library, 210 Central St., Bellingham, WA.

[BERK] Goodwin’s or [MCK]’s reference to the Bancroft Library at Berkeley at UCB.

[BLL] refers to genealogical and ephemeral material references provided by Bénet L. Leigh of 393 Enterprise Dr., Rohnert Park, CA 94928.

[BRN] refers to letters held by the Brown University Library, Providence, RI 02912.

[BSL] refers to Benjamin S. Lawson in general and to bibliographic data from his 1980 Joaquin Miller, Boise State University, Boise, ID. Boise State Western Writers Series # 43. 1980 52p.

[CAL] means that there was a card on this reference in the California Information File (#0319) at the California State Library, Sacramento, CA.

[CAM] refers to Cambridge and related libraries.

[CCL] indicates quoted criticisms available in Hinkel and McCann's 1940 Criticism of California Literature. The number after the notation refers to the volume and pages that contain the information.

[COS] refers to the College of the Siskiyous, Weed, CA.

[CSC] refers to material held by the Meriam Library, California State University at Chico, Chico, CA.

[CSL] refers to letters, photos and materials held at the California State Library, Sacramento, CA.

[DS] refers to material identified by Dennis Smith, Canyon City OR historian.

[ESR] refers to letters held by the East Sussex Record Office, East Sussex County Council, P.O. Box 3, County Hall, Lewes, Sussex, BN7 1SF, England.

[FG] refers to material seen by Fred Granata.

[FGL] refers to the Fiske Genealogical Library 1644 43rd. Ave. E., Seattle, WA 98112.

[FRS] refers to letters and books owned by Dale Forster. P.O. Box 636, Portland, OR 97207.

[FST] refers to bibliographic data from Orcutt William Frost's 1967 Joaquin Miller, Twayne Publishers, New Haven, CT.

[GRA] refers to poems listed in the 1989 Columbia Grangers' Index to Poetry.

[HBLL] Henry B. Lee Library Special Collections Brigham Young University, UT.

[HGT] refers to “Joaquin Miller in Oregon, 1852-1854 and 1857-1870,” an unpublished dissertation by Margaret Mary Haight. Master of Arts thesis, University of Washington, 1936 96 p.

[HOMER] University of Connecticut Libraries

[HON] refers to material on file at the Honnold/Mudd Library, Claremont Colleges, 800 N. Dartmouth Ave., Claremont, CA 91711-3991. Periodicals containing articles by Miller are held in their Joaquin Miller Collection File Drawer.

[HUN] refers to books and materials on file at The Huntington Library, 1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino, CA 91108. Specific items are identified as [HM # etc.].

[JGK] refers to books owned by Jacqueline Grigsby Koening, P.O. Box 87, Fish Camp, CA 93623.

[LHM] refers to holdings relating to Miller, particularly diaries of his brother George, in the Lane County Historical Museum, 740 W. 13th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402. Hours by appointment only.

[LOC] refers to the Library of Congress.

[MAR] refers to M.M. Marberry’s Splendid Poseur 1953.

[MARK MSS] refers to Edwin Markham Manuscript Collections.

[MCK] Scott McKeown

[MGK] Margaret Guilford-Kardell

[MLA] Modern Language Association

[Melvyl] is a registered trademark of the University of California.

[MES] refers to material by or in possession of Bill Miesse, P.O. Box 441, Mt. Shasta, CA

[MOA] refers to the Making of America sites.

[MSM] refers to letters or books owned by Mel Smith, 3031 Greentree Court, Los Angeles 90077.

[MUL] , [MUL Micro] and [Mult] refer to holdings in the Multnomah County Library,OR.

[NYT online] refers to New York Times Online.

[OAK] refers to books on file in the Oakland History Room of the Oakland Public Library at 125 14th St., Oakland, CA.

[OCLC] refers to Online Collection, Library of Congress:

[OHS] refers to material located in the Oregon Historical Society at 1230 S.W. Park Ave., Portland, OR 97205.

[PET] refers to bibliographic data from Martin S. Peterson's 1937 Joaquin Miller, Literary Frontiersman, Stanford University Press, Palo Alto, CA.

[PHJ] refers to letters and photographs held by Philip H. Jones 272 Israel Hill Road, Shelton CT 06484.

[PMC] indicates that the particular item is located in the Pherne Miller Collection within the Special Collections of the University of Oregon Library or that information provided about the item (e.g., sculpture) came from Pherne Miller's notes on file at the above-mentioned library. Some of her references have been found in error as to site location and date and have thus been dropped from this bibliography. Some, however, have been retained even when not locatable by the same or similar titles, as a guide to future researchers.

[RCL] refers to material listed and annotated in Dr. Ray C. Longtin's 1980 Three Writers of the Far West: A Reference Guide, G.K. Hall and Company, Boston, MA.

[SHM] refers to material on file at the Shasta State Historical Park, P.O. Box 2430, Shasta, CA 96067-2430.

[SHS] refers to books and pictures on file at the Historical Library and Research Center in the Redding Museum of Art & History, P.O. Box 277, Redding, CA 96099.

[SOP] refers to the Southern Pacific Railroad.

[SPL] refers to material available at the Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA.

[Stanford-Melvyl] refers to material listed on Stanford-Melvyl. Melvyl is a registered trademark of the University of California.

[STR] refers to material on file at the Sutro Library in San Francisco, CA. Juanita Miller's Sutro Library list seems to no longer exist.

[UCB] refers to material on file at the University of California's Main Library at Berkeley, CA.

[UCCL] refers to letters written by Samuel Clemens to Joaquin Miller. The citations for these letters appear in the 1986 University of California Press publication Union Catalog of Clemens Letters edited by Paul Machlis.

[UCLC] refers to letters Joaquin Miller wrote to Samuel Clemens which appear as citations in the 1991 University of California Press publication entitled Union Catalog of Letters to Clemens.

[UCPL] refers to material to be found in the Union County Public Library, IN.

[UCSD] refers to material on file at the University of California, San Diego, Central Library.

[UNL] refers to books at The University Libraries, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, NE 68588-0410.

[UOL] refers to books on file at the University of Oregon Library, Eugene, OR. Books with this notation may be found in either the "Oregon Collection" or the "Rare Book" collection.

[UOT] refers to books at the University of Texas, Odessa, TX.

[UOV] refers to letters held in the Special Collections/ Manuscripts department of the Alderman Library, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

[USC] refers to materials on file at the University of Southern California Library, Special Collections, University Park, Los Angeles, CA 98089-0182.

[VG] refers to material located by Valerie Gomez.

[WC] refers to material listed on World Cat, the OCLC catalog of books and other resources of various worldwide libraries. Herein accessed by Susan Goodwin through the Multnomah County Library homepage.

[WLS] refers to Wells, Fargo & Co, Library.....San Francisco, CA.

[WWU] refers to material located in the Wilson Library, Western Washington
University, Bellingham, WA.

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