Primary Sources
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-----. Anecdotes of the Hour by Famous Men as Told by Winston Churchill...Jack London...and about 100 Other Notable Men. New York: Hearst's International Library Co. 1914. [BAL (6:203) notes that Miller's anecdote appears on p. 48.] [MGK]
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-----. Path Breaking: An Autobiographical History of the Equal Suffrage Movement in Pacific Coast States. By Abigail Scott Duniway. Portland, OR: James, Kerns & Abbott Co. 1914 [BAL (6:215)] [MGK]
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Secondary Sources
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People, Her Wild Shores, Her Desert Myster: Her Valley Loveliness, Her Mountain Glory, Including Her Varied Resources, Her Commercial Greatness, Her Intellectual Achievements, Her Expanding Hopes; With Glimpses of Oregon and Washington, Her Northern Neighbors. New York: Hearst’s International Library Co., 1914. 400pp. 8, 10, 115-117, 141, 249, 282, 324, 329, 331, 336-341, 389, 392. (Miller portrait on p.336.) [RCL] [HUN] [MAR] [MULT] [WC] [MGK] [MCK] [See also 1923]
Noguchi, Yone. The Story of Yone Noguchi, Told by Himself; Illustrated by Yoshio Markino. London: Chatto & Windus. 1914. 254 pages. [HUN: Chap. III.] [HON: Miller covered on pp. 55-83.] See pp. 17, 21, 39, 55-83. [RCL] [MAR] [HGT] [WC] [MGK] [MCK] [HGT, page 4:
“’Miller always exaggerates things. And his telling things is always
interesting however groundless’”] [See also 1915]
The Rubaiyát of Omar Kháyyám. Translated by Edward Fitzgerald. With Illustrations
Photographed from Life Studies by Adelaide Hanscom and Blanche Cumming. London: G. g. Harrap & Co., 1914. [WC] [MCK]
“"From the fourth version of Edward Fitzgerald's translation printed by Dodge publishing company, New York."/ "Adelaide Hanscom and Blanche Cumming express their gratitude to Joaquin Miller, George Sterling, George W. James and others who have rendered valuable assistance in posing for these illustrations, and to Orlof Orlow for costumes and information on Persian symbolism."” [WC]
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Estate accounting. San Francisco Examiner (14 January 1914): 1: 3 [CAL] [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller’s Estate $41, 996.” New York Times (15 January 1914): 2 [MCK]
Noted that the estate is worth the above amount according to the accounting filed by Abbie the previous day and that the unencumbered estate consists mainly of “The Hights.”
Irish, John P. “Some Memories of Joaquin Miller.” Out West n.s. 7.2 (February
1914): 84-86. [RCL] [MAR] [MGK] [MCK]
Portrait of Joaquin Miller. Out West. n.s. 7.2. cover. (February 1914) [CAL] [MGK]
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7 (February 1914): 82-83 [CAL] [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
James, George Wharton. “The Bust of Joaquin Miller.” Out West. n.s. 7.2 (February 1914): 102 [Sculptor, Mrs. Gertrude Boyle Kanno, quoted. Photo of bust, p. 74.] [CAL: Bust on display in California State Library.] [MGK]
James, George Wharton.“Editorial.” Out West. n.s. 7.2 (February 1914): 112 [CAL] [MGK] [“To the kind courtesy of Elbert Hubbard, The Roycroft Shop, East Aurora, N.Y., we are indebted for permission to use the etching of Joaquin Miller, which appears on our cover. This illustrious poet was born Nov. 10, 1841 [sic] and died Feb. 17, 1913, and this issue of Out West is intended not so much to commemorate the date of his passage hence, as to bring our readers into a closer and more intimate knowledge of his life.”]
“Joaquin Miller.” Out West. Los Angeles. n.s. 7.2 (February 1914): 75-81, 93. [PMC] [CAL] [RCL] [MGK] [“Eulogy. Emphasizes Miller’s kindness and charity to all, belief in immortality, reverence for Byron, generosity, and love of children.”] [RCL]
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“Little Stories of Fact and Fancy: ‘The Finest Poetry Joaquin Miller Ever Read.’” New
York Times (15 March 1914) [Online: X10] [MCK]
Touching story about four young girls, the daughters of two of Joaquin’s friends who wrote a poem for their hero.
“Murder of Magruder Recalled by Revolver.” 1914. [OHS Scrapbook 49, p. 104] [MCK]
Clipping is dated April 4, from Union, Oregon. Story of a murdered man, who
had bought a revolver from Miller and Mossman. Miller later identified the
revolver as belonging to Mossman.
“Alaska Day” costume of Juanita Miller. San Francisco Chronicle (14 April 1914): 9: 2 [CAL] [MGK]
“Memorial Park Association” organized. San Francisco Examiner (14 April 1914): 5: 1 [CAL] [MGK]
Taylor, Marian. “Ina Coolbrith, California Poet.” Overland Monthly n.s. 64 (October 1914): 332-334 [RCL] [MGK]
Fidler, W. W. “Personal Reminiscences of Samuel L. Simpson.” Quarterly of the Oregon Historical Society 15.4 f.n. (December 1914): 264 [MGK] [“In 1857 Mr. Fidler returned to Eugene to enter Columbia College, of which Rev. E. P. Henderson, was the principal. Cincinnatus Hiner Miller, better known as “Joaquin” Miller, Judge James Finley Watson, and a number of other well known men were students at that early institution. The college building burned down in the winter of 1857-58.”] [See also Fidler 1909.]
McCrackin, Josephine Clifford. Overland Monthly n.s. 86 (December 1914): 367 [MCK]
Harte’s story of being good friends with Miller, but always quarreling with him
and of Miller sending him the quill he wrote with.
An article re the chirography in a letter of Joaquin Miller to Dr. James Newton Matthews of Mason, Illinois. The Scoop, a weekly magazine published by the Press Club of Chicago, referenced in Courtland Matthews article in Grant Co., OR Museum file. [Courtland son of Dr. James Newton Matthews.] [Date?] [MGK]
Estate accounting. San Francisco Examiner (17 December 1914): 5: 4 [CAL] [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller Left $41,996.” New York Times (18 December 1914): 17 [MCK]
Noted that Joaquin left the above amount in property, cash and other assets according to the inventory filed by Abbie. The sole beneficiaries are Joaquin’s widow and daughter Juanita.

Letters and Archival Papers
Bland, Henry Meade. Papers and materials collected by Mildred Bland Miller 1915-1931. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections, University of the Pacific Libraries. No specific reference. [OLUC] [MGK]
Markham, Edwin. Letter (8 August 1914) Staten Island to Mr. Henry Mead Bland: My
Dear Poet-Friend, San Jose, California. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
“Thanks him for the two recent packages; asks help to get a copy of
Joaquin Miller's photograph; library only holds copy of the letter, original is at the University of California” [WC]
Miller, Abbie Leland. Letter (3 September 1914) Oakland, California to Mr. Edwin
Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
“Grants Mr. Markham the right to reprint lines written by her late
husband, Joaquin Miller. Notes that Mr. Tennyson “told many persons...that Joaquin Miller was the greatest poet American had produced.” [WC]
Miller, Abbie Leland. Letter (15 August 1914) Oakland, California to Mr. Edwin
Markham, Staten Island. [MARK MSS] [MCK]
“Regrets she does not have a copy of the photograph of Joaquin, her late husband, he requested. However, it was taken by a photographer, Miss Soule Cambell, in New York and she suggests he contact her. Daughter Juanita is taking photographs of the Heights [sic], their home in the hills in Oakland, and will send them later.” [MARK]
Miller, Juanita Joaquina. Letter (20 August 1914) Oakland, California to Mr. Edwin
Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
“Indicates that her camera is out of order and suggests that he check with
the photographer Soule Campbell for a picture of Juaquin [sic] Miller, her father. She also indicates that the City of Oakland will probably buy the Heights [sic] and make it Joaquin Miller Park. However, a quarter of an acre has been set aside for her to live in for the rest of her life” [WC]
Miller, Juanita Joaquina. Letter (27 August 1914) Oakland, California to Mr. Edwin
Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
“Miller encloses postals so that Markham can see the size and states that
he is welcome to use the sketch of “Papa” [Joaquin Miller]” [WC]
Miller, Juanita Joaquina. Letter (27 August 1914) Oakland, California to Mr. Edwin
Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island, New York. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
“Glad to her that Markham has a good photo of “Papa” [Joaquin Miller]”

Bibliography: Printable

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