Primary Sources
Miller, Joaquin. Light: A Narrative Poem. Boston: H. B. Turner & Co., 1907. 153pp. [OAK] [RCL] [HUN] [MES] [USC] [MGK] [MCK] [Middlebury College] [STANFORD - MELVYL] [AAS has a first edition and HON has a first edition, inscribed by the author. See 1999 for location online.] [There also exists, sold on e-bay in 2002 “Let There Be Light” 53 Hand Written Pages. Edited. Not Signed. Housed in Full Calf Slipcover.] [MGK]
-----. “A Race with Idaho Robbers.” Western Frontier Stories Retold from St. Nicholas. New York: The Century Co. [BAL (6:202) notes that the work appears on pp. 3-17.] [MGK]
-----. “A Royal Highway of the World.” A letter addressed to the Hon., the Co. Judges and Commission of Grant and Harney Counties, pp. 3-14 in “A Royal Highway of the World.” [See July, 1907, 1922, 1932] [MGK]
-----. “Mr. Tennyson’s Fairies” In Kindergarten Gems for Home and Kindergarten. Akron, Ohio [CAM] [MGK]
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-----. “Public Utilities” in Success (January 1907) [OHS Papers File] [MCK]
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-----. “Conversation with Joaquin Miller.” [B.O. Flower] The Arena 37 (February 1907): 164-166. [RCL] [MAR] [MGK] [MCK]
“An ‘interview’ with Miller on the topic of the literary and intellectual
decline of Boston in answer to criticism of H. G. Wells. Probably written by Miller himself” [RCL 56]
-----. Missouri. Century Magazine 73 (February 1907): 624. See also page 879. [PMC] [OAK] [WWU] [A poem, and not the same as 4/22/1875.] [HON] [In Overland Monthly 75. 2 (February 1920): 120, Wagner says Century paid Miller “$100 for Missouri,” the poem he counted among his greatest.] [MGK]
-----. “The Poet of the Sierras on His Problem Dealing with Love After Marriage: A
Conversation.” The Arena 36 (March 1907): 271-273. [RCL] [HON] [HGT] [PMC] [MGK] [MCK] [HGT says 37] [MGK]
“(Byline is Joaquin Miller.) Written in the form of an interview with Miller concerning his latest poem, ‘this new poem, my latest, strongest and best . . . ’ (Poem not identified)” [RCL]
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-----. “Reminiscences of Joaquin Miller--Early Days in Oregon.” Seattle Post Intelligencer 51.144 (7 April 1907): 6 (magazine section). Copyright by Joseph B. [R.] Bowles. [SPL] [Mentions Lt. U.S. Grant] [MGK]
-----. “Reminiscences of Joaquin Miller--A Fight with Indians.” Seattle Post Intelligencer 51.151 (14 April 1907): 6 (magazine section). Copyright by Joseph B. [R.] Bowles. [SPL] [MGK]
-----. “Reminiscences of Joaquin Miller--Out of the Wilderness.” Seattle Post Intelligencer 51.158) (21 April 1907): 6 (magazine section). Copyright by Joseph B. [R.] Bowles. [SPL] [Mentions the name of his friend Anton Roman, bookseller, publisher and editor whom Miller knew in 1859 and possibly earlier in Shasta. Roman had an office there in 1853. Anton Roman died June 1903.] [MGK]
-----. The Bravest Battle. Grant Count News (13 June 1907) [MGK]
-----. Ode to the Miners of the Oregon Sierras. “The Celebration: Prairie City Excellent Host: Joaquin Miller the Orator.” Grant County News (11 July 1907). Also included is his address on July 4, 1907 [MGK]
-----. “Joaquin Miller Writes of ‘Royal Highway of the World.” Grant County News (25 July 1907) First known publication. Later rptd. in Blue Mountain Eagle 1922 and later published as A Royal Highway of the World, Portland, Oregon:, Metropolitan Press, Publishers:1932 [MGK]
-----. “Joaquin Miller suggests the Spanish ‘oye aqua,’ hear the water, as a source of Oregon.” Oregonian. (21 October 1907) [MGK]
-----. “Ruinous Cost of Chinese Exclusion.” North American Review 186 (November 1907): 422-426 [HON] [MGK]
-----. “The Most Beautiful Girls on Earth.” Pacific Monthly (December 1907) [HON] [MGK]
-----. Oakland. Grizzly Bear 2 (December 1907): 46 [CAL] [MGK]
-----. “Tour of the World. “(8 December 1906 - 27 January 1907) [CAL] [One list says poem] [MGK]
-----. Columbus. First “Author's Reading” in San Francisco at The (rebuilt) Fairmont Hotel. Joaquin Miller the last reader on the program. “He brought the crowd cheering to its feet with his famous poem ‘Columbus,’ with its epic sweep and rousing finale: ‘What shall we do when hope is gone,’ he shouted.’Sail on! SAIL ON! And ON!’” [See CAL file] [MGK]

Secondary Sources
“Photography: Its true Function and its Limitations.” The Arena 37 (February 1907): 128-141 and 136 [PMC] [MGK] [Not seen, but Miller probably quoted.] [MGK]
“Rambles in Boston with the Poet of the Sierras.” [B.O. Flower] The Arena 37 (February 1907): 158-165 [MAR] [PMC] [RCL] [HGT] [PET] [MGK] [MCK]
Garnett, Porter. “Literature: Some Aspects of the West.” The Pacific Monthly
17 (February 1907): 218. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
“Forthcoming Books: A Volume of Poems by Joaquin Miller.” New York Times 9
March 1907: BR152.
“Messrs. Herbert B. Turner & Co. of Boston announce for publication a
new volume of poems by Joaquin Miller, to be entitled ‘Light.’ It will
include a long poem, with scenes laid at San Francisco, the Klondike, Japan, and Hawaii. The book will have illustrations in the form of photogravures, printed as headpieces to the various sub-divisions of the book.”
“The Lounger.” Putnam’s Monthly 2 (May 1907): 213-214. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
“Will Flap Her Wings: American Eagle to be Cut Loose for Fourth of July.” News (23 May 1907) (Miller to be induced to attend.) [MGK]
“Fred Finch Orphans.” San Francisco Morning Call (27 May 1907): 8: 1 [CAL] [Miller could have visited the well known Fred Finch Orphanage] [MGK]
James, George Wharton. “Ina Donna Coolbrith.” National Magazine 26 (June 1907):
321 [RCL] [SPL] [MGK] [MCK]
“Joaquin Miller Coming: Will be Guest of Honor at the Canyon Celebration on July Fourth.” Also a news item saying “John Day expecting Miller for Fourth of July.” Both in News (6 June 1907) [MGK]
[Businessmen of John Day met Monday evening to plan the 4th of July Celebration to feature Joaquin Miller.] Blue Mountain Eagle (7 June 1907) [MGK]
“Miller for U.S. Senator.” News (13 June 1907) [MGK]
“The Celebration: Extensive Preparations Made to Accommodate Crowd.” Grant County News (13 June 1907) [MGK]
“Celebration at Prairie: Committees from Both Towns so Decide.” Grant County News (20 June 1907) Miller had accepted everybody’s invitation thinking they were all speaking of the same celebration [MGK]
“Miller in Portland: Is not seeking any office: But if people Want Him They Will Find Him at Old Home at Eugene.” Grant County News (27 June 1907) Rptd from the Oregonian [MGK]
“Poet’s Senatorial Bee.” Blue Mountain Eagle (28 June 1907) [Apparent rept. from the Portland Journal] “Joaquin Miller Explains the Political Aspirations Printed About Him.” [MGK]
Browne, Stephenson. “Consolidation of Two Boston Firms: Small, Maynard & Co.
Absorb Turner & Co. - Announcement of New Novels and Other Books.” New
York Times (29 June 1907) [Online: BR418] [MCK]
Note that Messrs. Turner & Co. have brought out Miller’s “Light” during
the season.
“Joaquin Miller, the first [elected] county judge of Grant county arrived at Prairie City Tuesday evening….” Blue Mountain Eagle (5 July 1907) [MGK]
“Reception to Joaquin Miller.” Blue Mountain Eagle (12 July 1907). “Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Trowbridge Entertain Famous ‘Poet of the Sierras’ Saturday Evening.” [MGK]
“Independence Day” Blue Mountain Eagle (12 July 1907). “Prarie City Appropriately Celebrates Anniversary of Nation’s Birth.” [Includes remarks re Miller’s address to the participants.] [MGK]
“A Tribute to Miller: Name is Linked With Other Great Names of American Literature.” Grant County News (18 July 1907) Rptd. from Columbus Dispatch [MGK]
“Sail On, Joaquin.” (Editorial) Sunset Magazine 19.4 (August 1907): 400 [CAL] [An article urging support of Miller for political office.] [MGK]
“Off for the Caves.” Blue Mountain Eagle (9 August 1907) The poet of the Sierras Explores Nature’s Wonders in Southern Oregon [MGK]
“A California Bohemia: Alameda County is Today the Literary and Artistic Center of the State.” Oakland Herald (7 September 1907): 9 [Full page profiles of the County’s literary and artistic people. Photos include Joaquin Miller.] [MGK]
Notman, Otis. “Talks with Californians: Edward R. Taylor, Joaquin Miller, and John
Muir Interviewed Amid the Scenes in Which They Live - A Poet as Mayor, Lawyer and Doctor of Medicine - On the Hilltop and in the Yosemite Woods.” New York Times (21 September 1907) [Online: BR572] [MCK]
“Joaquin Miller and a Neighbor Poet.” Sunset 19.6 (October 1907): 599 [About Miller and poet Dora Cureton of Melrose.] [CAL] [MGK]
Densmore, Emet. “Author of ‘Sex Equality’ Discusses Question of Transmission of
Feminine Characteristics - Poe Criticised; Joaquin Miller Praised.” New York Times (12 October 1907) [Online: RB622]
Harness, Aldon. “An Admirer of Joaquin Miller.” New York Times (12 October 1907) [Online: RB622] [MCK]
Miller’s support of Chinese immigration. San Francisco Morning Call (27 October 1907): 11: 5 [CAL] [CAL notes that an editorial about the subject appears in the November 10, 1907 issue on p. 28:1.] [MGK]
Bulletin. (27 November 1907) Description of the reading held in honor of Coolbrith.
(See Leider, 1991) [MGK]
Rittenhouse, Jessie B. “A Glance at Recent Poetry.” Putnam’s Monthly 3 (December
1907): 362-363. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Bierce, Ambrose. “An Insurrection of the Peasantry.” Cosmopolitan Magazine 44 (December 1907): 224 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Stoddard, Charles Warren. “In Old Bohemia.” Pacific Monthly 18 (December 1907): 639 [RCL] [MGK]
“Valuable Literary Relic - Dr. English’s Prompt Book of the Play ‘The Mormons’
Owned in Newark.” New York Times (1 December 1907): 3 [MCK]
“When the Joaquin Miller success, ‘The Danites,’ was produced in 1882, Dr. English asserted that the idea of the piece had been taken from his play, ‘The Mormons.’ There was much discussion of the question before it was dropped. The resemblance between the two dramas is slight.”

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. Letters to J. A. Labadie, 1907-1928. [WC] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Mr. Gillis from The Hights, Dimond, Calif. (5 February 1907) [CAL original letters.] [See also 1910.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to George M. Miller, (29 July 1907) Frontier 12.3. 1932 [MGK]
-----. [HON has a facsimile “A.L.S. 4p 8vo. & 2p. 4to.” dated 11/15/1907 “Monterey, Calif.” in JM Box VII.] [MGK]
-----. 15 letters, 3 notes to May [(Foster) Carey] from “The Hights,” Dimond, Calif. and Los Angeles. 1907-1913. [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 37641-37658.] [MGK]
“JULY FOURTH at PRAIRIE CITY.” Advertisement of Program for the Day. Blue Mountain Eagle (21 June 1907) [MGK]
Stoddard, Charles Warren. Letter to George Sterling (15 November 1907) Monterey, California. [HON has in JM Box 7] [MGK]

Bibliography: Printable

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