Primary Sources
Miller, Joaquin. The Danites in the Sierras (in four acts). San Francisco: The Whitaker & Ray-Wiggin Co. 1910. 62 pages. [“Reader's Edition”] [UOL] [PET gives the title as The Danites in the Sierras.] [HON has a copy that, “With this is bound his Forty-nine, an idyl drama of the Sierras. San Francisco, 1910.”] [HUN has a copy of this drama adapted from the novel of the same name.] [PMC lists this under the title: ‘49. The Gold-Seekers of the Sierras, and says publisher is: San Francisco: The Whitaker & Ray Co.] [See also 1884.] [MGK]
-----. The Danities in the Sierras pp. 2-62. Forty-Nine-An Idyl Drama of the Sierras pp. 63-120. Tally-Ho pp. 121-167. An Oregon Idyl pp.169-244. Forty-Nine; an Idyl Drama of the Sierras. (In Four Acts.) San Francisco: The Whitaker & Ray-Wiggin Co. 1910. 120 pages. Reader's edition. [UOL] [OAK] [HUN] [USC] [HON has a copy bound with his The Danites in the Sierras, San Francisco, 1910.] [BAL (6:208) says, “Sheets extracted from Poetic Plays, 1910. i.e., Joaquin Miller's works, Vol. 6. 1910.”] [HUN] [MGK]
-----. The Danities in the Sierras pp. 2-62. Forty-Nine-An Idyl Drama of the Sierras pp. 63-120. Tally-Ho pp. 121-167. An Oregon Idyl pp.169-244 Joaquin Miller's Poems. [In six volumes] Bear Edition. Vol. Six. Poetic Plays. San Francisco: The Whitaker & Ray Co. p. 242 [Preface by Joaquin Miller.] [SPL] [PMC] [RCL] Poem appears on pp. 169-244 and is available in Microprint at [UOL] [MGK]
-----. Above the Clouds. In A Book of Verses. Published by Press Club of Alameda County. 1910. . [28] pp [STANFORD-MELVYL], [31] pp - [HUNT] [MCK] [BAL (6:215) notes that this Miller poem was extracted from Isles of the
Amazons, Songs of the Sun-Lands, 1873. Others list the pamphlet as unpaged.] [OAK] [MGK] “Includes verses by George Sterling, Joaquin Miller and Jack London”
-----. Columbus. 1910. In Nettie S. Gaines’ Pathway to Western Literature.
Stockton, California. [J. Ross Browne, Jack London, Joaquin Miller, Helen Hunt Jackson, Ella Higginson, Don De Quille, Richard Realf, W.C. Bartlett, Ina Coolbrith, Charles King, Charles Keeler, Lillian H. Shuey, George Wharton James, Edwin Markham, Mary Austin, Col. John C. Frémont, etc.] [OAK] [MGK]
-----. “?” in The Comfort of the Hills and Other Poems. No publisher or place given
-----. “Tally-Ho!” English and American Drama of the Nineteenth Century. 1910. pp. 121-167. San Francisco: The Whitaker & Ray Co. [RCL] [MGK] Microprint at [UOL]
-----. “The Man We Didn't Hang.” Current Literature 48 (May 1910): 574-575. [Ed. Edward J. Wheeler, Assoc. eds. Leonard D. Abbott, Alexander Harvey, George S. Viereck.] [From the introduction to a new and “final” edition of his poems in six volumes (Whitaker & Ray Co.) A different version of his first mining experience from that in “Damming the Sacramento” Century 1882, a more fictionalized version of what had really happened on the Klamath River when JM arrived in California.] [PMC] [HON] [placer mining in the early forties, an averted lynching, an improvised wedding and the dim unconscious dawning of a new poetic career] [MGK]
-----. “In the Yellowstone Park.” The Youths' Companion 84 (10 November 1910): 628 [MGK]
-----. Berkeley. San Francisco Morning Call (4 September 1910): 34: 1 [CAL] [According to MAR 1917, this was Miller's last poem and was patterned after San Diego (or Dawn in San Diego 1892).] [MGK]
-----. Columbus. Education 72 (15 December 1910): 601 [PMC] [WWU] [MGK]

Secondary Sources
Collier, William Francis and Sir W. Robertson Nicoll. A History of English Literature.
1894. New Edition, Revised with American Supplement. London and New York: T. Nelson, 1910. 836 pp. [MCK]
James, George Wharton. Heroes of California; the Story of the Founders of the Golden
State as Narrated by Themselves or Gleaned From Other Sources. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1910. 456-457. 515pp. [PET] [WC] [ILL-10/02/02] [MCK]
Joaquin Miller is not listed in the index but James quotes from Miller in his chapter on Edwin Markham as follows: “’Consider what Markham put aside, as putting aside a crown, to take his place with the poor and the despised. Wealth (enough, at least), books and a great knowledge of books, high honors and the esteem of great and good men; the love of men and the idolatry of women. We scribes use to call him “Jove” in his stately young prime when speaking of him, so majestic was his presence. Yet he put it all by and became a blacksmith, a mighty sledge in his strong right hand to batter down the prison doors, and break the chains of blind men in prison grinding at a mill.’” There may be other references.
Meany, Edmond. History of the State of Washington. New York: Macmillan Company, 1910. 1909. 406pp. [WC] [MCK] [See also 1909, 1924, 1927, 1937, 1941, 1946 and 1950]
Figel, Philip I. “Joaquin, the Bloodthirsty.” Grizzly Bear 6 (January 1909): 20 [OAK] [CAL] [MGK]
“The Lounger.” (Rev.?) Putnam’s Monthly 7 (April 1910): 881-882. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Vandals attack monuments (cuts). San Francisco Morning Call (1 May 1910): 5: 1 [CAL] [MGK]
Vale, Charles. “Mark Twain as Orator.” Forum 44 (July 1910) A note that Miller attended a huge Bohemian party in Fitzroy Square [MCK]
Miller’s Sequoia Club entertainment. San Francisco Examiner. (17 July 1910): 37: 3 [CAL] [MGK]
Miller registers to vote. San Francisco Morning Call (20 July 1910): 1: 2 [CAL] [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller Plays Host” New York Times (23 July 1910) [Online: BR8] [MCK]
“Mr. Joaquin Miller, ‘The Poet of the Sierras,’ gave a Mexican lunch last
Saturday to sixty members of the Sequoia Club at his home near San Francisco. He told his guests of his first visit to California, and in taking them over the grounds of his villa, showed them a pyramid he had built to Moses, a tower of rocks to Browning and a monument to Gen. Frémont.”
Miller’s scorn of Roosevelt’s policy. San Francisco Morning Call (18 October 1910): 8: 3 [CAL] [MGK]
“Miss Judith Hays Bride at Hillrest; Daughter of Daniel Peixotto Hays is Married to Max
Goldsmith in Pleasantville, N.Y.” New York Times (21 October 1910) [MCK]
Wedding of Miss Judith Peixotto Hays and Max Goldsmith at the Hays Home in Pleasantville, New York. Abbie and Juanita attended.
Obituary blunder. [Miller not dead yet.] San Francisco Morning Call (30 October 1910): 30: 1 [CAL] [MGK]
Hubbard, Elbert. Joaquin Miller; sketch and frontis. The Era 6.2 (November 1910): 65-67. [The frontis drawing is by Otto Schneider.] [CAL] [MGK]
James, George Wharton. Heroes of California. Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 1910 [MGK]
Arena 32 (December 1910): 603 [CCL] [MGK]
“New York Seclusion” (Juanita Miller). San Francisco Morning Call (3 December 1910): 3: 4 [CAL] [MGK]
Hawthorns, Hildegarde. “Some New Anthologies; Collections of Poems Celebrating the
New World, the Garden and Life in General.” Review of The Poetic New World. Compiled by Lucy H. Humphrey, The Garden Muse. Selected and edited by William Aspenwell Bradley and The Message of Song. Selected by William Gray Maxwell. New York Times 3 December 1910: BR2-BR4. Contains a note that Miller is represented in The Poetic New World [MCK]
Opening of the Berkeley hotel. San Francisco Morning Call. (16 December 1910): 8: 4 [CAL] [MGK]

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. Inscription (2 June 1910) Autograph on title page of Juanita Miller’s song “Who,” [1909]. [HON has in (f/ M1621:M54 W4 1909) ] [MGK]
-----. Post-card to Mr. Gillis [of the Calif. State Library] from Oakland (post mark) (6 August 1910) [CAL original letters.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to James Carleton Young. (5 December 1910) [HON has in JM PS 2398 H8, 1903.] [MGK]
Joaquin Miller Biographical Material. A collection of printed notices, articles, etc. cut from periodicals and newspapers, individually mounted and arranged chronologically. 4 volumes, part 1, 1871-1899 part 2, 1900-1909; part 3 1910-1919; part 4 1920-1944. [HON has in JM Box 4: vols. 1-4] [MGK]
Leslie, Mrs. Frank, Letters to Mrs. A. B. Games, 1910-1914 [WC] [MCK]
“Seven letters are included. Some of them contain references to Joaquin Miller.
Included also are clippings relating to Mrs. Leslie and inscribed calling cards.”
[UCB] [WC]
MacManus, Seumas. Letter (16 May 1910) New York City to Mrs. Edwin Markham,
Staten Island. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten
Island, NY. [WC].
“Is sorry to have missed her May Day celebration and would be happy to
come and see her between now and June; is happy that Mr. Markham liked the photo of his old school in California; spent a pleasant day with Joaquin Miller” [WC]
Postcard Showing Photography of Den or Study of Joaquin Miller on the Heights [sic]
Behind Oakland [California], 1910. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
Postcard Showing Sketch of Pyramid from the Heights [sic], Home of Joaquin Miller,
Behind Oakland, California, 1910. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
Postcard Showing Sketch of Tower from the Heights [sic], Home of Joaquin Miller,
Behind Oakland, California, 1910. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY [WC] [MCK]
Royer, Rose de Vaux. Letter, 1910-1920, New York City [to] Mr. [Edwin] Markham,
[Staten Island]. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten
Island, N.Y. [WC] [MCK]
“Rose asks if the Markhams would be her guest at the Cameo Dinner in
April. I'm sending your circular re- Sweden to Mrs. C S Arnold- Scarbora and to Dr. JH Randall. Her book is selling very well. She knew Joaquin Miller.” (WC).

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