Primary Sources
-----. As It Was in the Beginning. A Poem. San Francisco: A. M. Robertson, 1903. 99 p. [RCL] [USC] [STANFORD - MELVYL] [MGK] [MCK] [OAK has an autographed copy.] [PET: “Printed on one side of double leaves folded once.”] [Copyright 1903 in United States and Great Britain by Joaquin Miller. Book privately published. University of Colorado at Boulder has a copy.] “Twelve sheets of galley proof, with corrections, laid in. Holograph letters, signed, by Jack London and Joaquin Miller laid in.” [HON] [HUN has a copy inscribed by the author. [HUN] says publisher is San Francisco: Whitaker and Ray.] [BAL (6:201) says, “Dedicated to the Mothers of Men.”] [MGK]
-----. “Letters of Joaquin Miller [1903-1912]” The Frontier Vol. 12.3 1932. [Excerpts from letters to George M. Miller.] [See also 1932] [MGK]
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-----. Miller poem on page 9 in “Charles Algernon Sidney Vivian, in Memoriam.” A Biographical Sketch of the Life of Charles Algernon Sidney Vivian. Mrs. Imogen (Holbrook) Vivian, author. San Francisco: The Whitaker & Ray Co. 103 p. [HON] [CAL] [CAL: Juanita Miller's Sutro Library list.] [See also 1904.] [MGK]
-----. Nina and God's Flowers. Laurel Leaves for Little Folk. Edited by Mary E. Phillips. Boston: Lee & Shepard. [BAL (6:202-202) notes that Nina appears on p. 44 and is “A version of To the Jersey Lily, Songs of Faraway Lands, London, 1878, Complete Poetical Works, 1897.” God's Flowers appears on pp. 133-135 and is otherwise not located.] [MGK]
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-----. “Through a Sierra Fire.” The Era 12 (September 1903): 281-287. Philadelphia. [PMC] [HON] [PET] [MGK] [MCK] [John Britton used as the name of the protagonist while he used John Brothern in an earlier piece titled “Paris or the Pines” in 1893.] [John Britton died, date unknown] [Note: This is the Philadelphia Era and not the Golden Era in San Francisco.] [MGK]
-----. “The Story and Glory of Shasta.” Sunset Magazine 11.6 (October 1903): 499-504.
-----. Prefatory letter as the introduction to The Awakening of Pocalito: a Tale of Telegraph Hill, and Other Tales. By Eugenia Kellogg. San Francisco: The Unknown Publisher. 1903.130 pages. [HON] [HUN] [BAL 6:201 notes that the letter was dated November 7, 1903] [MGK] [MCK]
-----. Men of '49. California Ladies' Magazine. (December 1903) [HON] [MGK]

Secondary Sources
Bates, Alfred. American Drama. New York and London: Smart and Stanley, 1903.
Vol. 20: 138-139. [WC] [RCL] [MGK] [MCK] [See also 1906, 1909 and 1970]
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[RCL] [RCL: Listings of actors and length of performances of The Danites and Mexico in various theaters] [MGK]
Hubbard, Elbert. So Here Then Is a Little Journey to the Home of Joaquin Miller. Also [included] is a study of the man and his work by George Wharton James. To which is appended a slight study of the man who wrote the study by Fra. Elbertus, with sundry selected poems by the poet. East Aurora, NY: The Roycrofters. 1903 [STANFORD-MELVYL] 110 pages. pp. 1-17, 19-45. [HUN] [MES] [UOL] [BAN] [RCL: “As a man he is a great big, simple-hearted, bewhiskered boy, with an under-current of fun and humor, and a sympathy for the ostracized and the underdog.”] [Bruce White says...”This book contains studies of Miller by Hubbard and George Wharton James, a very short ‘study’ of James by [Fra Elbertus] Hubbard, and approximately fifty pages of poetry by Miller.] [See also May 29, 1904 San Francisco Chronicle listing.] [E-Bay had a leather bound copy for sale in Feb. 2001.] [MGK] [MCK]
Stoddard, Charles Warren. For the Pleasure of His Company: An affair of the Misty City. San Francisco: A.M. Robertson . [See 1987 Rpt. Gay Sunshine Press] [A novel: Minnie Myrtle is Laurella Laurel and reference to Miller only as the poet.] [MGK]
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[Margaret Duckett in Mark Twain and Bret Harte cites the above as: The
Life of Bret Harte. New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1903. She also
lists Pemberton’s Bret Harte, A Treatise and a Tribute. London: Greening & Company, Ltd., 1900]
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“[Joaquin Miller and O. C. Applegate at Crater Lake, 1903].” Table Rock Sentinel: The
Magazine of the Southern Oregon Historical Society 10.1(January/February
1903): 12. Photograph of the two mentioned men. [MCK]
[Bashford, Herbert]. “Where the Prophet is Without Honor.” The Literary West
1(February 1903): 1 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
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Review of The ____ of Joaquin Miller. Sunset Magazine 10.6 (April 1903): 560: 2 [CAL]
“Joaquin Miller is Dead: Poet of Sierras Expires at Oakland, Cal.” [Erroneous report] New York Times (11 May 1903): 2 [MCK]
“Joaquin Miller Living: His Wife and Daughter Prostrated by Erroneous Report of His
Death.” New York Times (12 May 1903): 8 [MCK]
“Joaquin Miller Not Dead.” New York Times. Sketch in 11 May 1903: 2: 4 and 12 May 1903: 8: 7 issues [MGK]
New York Daily Tribune. (12 May 1902): 11: 4 [Re reports of Miller’s death] [MGK]
“Talked About at the Clubs.” New York Times (17 May 1903) [NYT online: SM9] [MCK]
Wine Story. New York Daily Tribune. (8 June 1903): 4: 1 [ Not seen] [MGK]
“C.H. Miller sued by Lizzie Clark.” New York Times. (24 June 1903): 16: 1 [MGK]
“The Hermitage” license petition by Miller. San Francisco Morning Call (30 June 1903): 9: 3 [CAL] [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller Speaks in Behalf of Bacchus: His Name Among Those Who Want Liquor License Granted to the ‘Old Hermitage.’” Oakland (3 July 1903) as rptd. in Daily Reveille (Whatcom [now Bellingham] Washington) (4 July 1903) [MGK]
Review of “As It Was in the Beginning.” San Francisco Chronicle (12 July 1903): 32: 1 [CAL] [MGK]
“Books Received.” New York Times (25 July 1903) [NYT Online: BR7] [MCK]
“Crowds Still at Saratoga.” New York Times (30 August 190)3: 27 [MCK]
[Note that Miss Juanita Miller along with others helped Vernon Hughes of New
York in giving a musical entertainment in Presbyterian parlors on Wednesday] [MCK]
Robinson, A.M. Review of “Joaquin Miller’s As It was in the Beginning” in “Books and Writers.” Sunset Magazine 11.5 (September 1903): 484. [With latest photo by Boye opposite.] [CCL] [PMC] [MGK]
Johnston, N. R., D.D. “Joaquin Miller and the Jews.” The New York Times (25 September 1903): 6. n.p. (RCL 52) [Letter to the editor saying Miller was a “truly evangelical and orthodox man as well as a good neighbor.” The letter from Johnson was written in Brooklyn, N.Y. September 23, 1903 re Miller’s poem and knowing him and his mother while living in Oakland, CA] [MGK] [MCK]
Ad for Elbert Hubbard’s Lecture, New York Times (10 October 1903: 11 [MCK]
Elbert Hubbard of East Aurora to lecture on the subject of Socrates at the
Manhattan Theatre on Sunday, October 4th. [See also “Personal.” New York
Times 29 November 1903: 19] [NYT online] [MCK]
Salon photograph of (cut) Joaquin Miller. San Francisco Morning Call (18 October 1903): 5: 1 [CAL] [MGK]
“Bard May Read His Obituary: Massive Work by Scholars Declares Joaquin Miller Died in 1902.” Newspaper? (28 Oakland 1903) [See above Bates, Alfred American Drama 1903] [BB] [MGK]
Ad: “Personal.” New York Times (29 November 190): 19 [NYT online] [MCK]
“Joaquin Miller: Do not take things too seriously. Come to my lecture and bring
Gertrude. Manhattan Theatre, Sunday night. Tickets at box office for you. Fra Elbertus.”

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. Letter, 1903, Dimond, California to Edwin Markham, Westerleigh,
Staten, Island, New York. [MARK MSS] [MCK]
“Miller answers several questions regarding his past, including his parents.
He states that he was born in 1840 and provides his real name” [MARK]
-----. Letter to George M. Miller (24 January 1903) Frontier 12.2 January 1932): 121 [Written from Saratoga Springs, New York.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to George M. Miller. (7 February 1903) The Era 12 (September 1903) Philadelphia. [Written from Saratoga Springs, New York. Charles Warren Stoddard was in Saratoga Springs in spring 19__.] [See also Beebe in Frontier, 1932.] [MGK]
-----. Postcard, (19 March 1903) San Antonio, Texas to Edwin Markham,
“Written on a post card of the Washington Line and includes small picture
of the Alamo” [MARK MSS]
-----. Letter, 1903, April 22, Dimond, California [to] Edwin Markham,
Westerleigh, Staten, Island, New York. [MARK MSS] [MCK]
“Short note. Markham's California friends ask ‘How's Markham?’”
-----. Post-card to Mrs. Lillian ? at Marshfield [now Coos Bay], Oregon (post mark) (30 May 1903) [CAL] original letter [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Richard Watson] Gilder from “The Hights,” Dimond, Cal[ifornia] (10 June 1903): 5 p. [Incomplete] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 15769.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to James Tufts dated 10/28/1903. [HON has an “A.L.S. 1p. 8vo.” to James Tufts dated 10/28/1903, “Dimond, Cal.” in JM Box 1: folder 21:4.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to George Sterling dated December 27/1903. [HON] has an “A.L.S. 6 p. 4 to.” with stamped envelope dated December/27/1903, “Dimond, Cal.” to George Sterling in JM Box I: folder 22 [MGK]
London, Jack. Two letters to George Sterling concerning As It Was in the Beginning. One was dated 7/8/1903; the other was dated 7/11/1903. [HON has in JM Box 1: folder 21:2.]
London, Jack. (11 July 1903) Letter to Joaquin Miller [James E. Sisson in the Jack London Newsletter also quotes the July 11 letter but gives his source as the T.W. Norris Collection at the Bancroft Library. Now (1997) listed as Letter from Jack London to Joaquin Miller. Autograph letter, signed. July 11, 1903 2 pages. [BAN has BANC Mss C-H 58 vol. 1, 2 pages.] Same letter quoted in Wagner 1929: 219 [MGK]
Coggins, Herbert Leonard, Autobiography [Undated]. 1 Microfilm Reel. [BERK] [WC]
“An expanded version of his Regional Cultural History Project interview (q.v.). Reprints of some of his articles and correspondence also included. Comments on California politics; association with the Socialist Party; publishing work in San Francisco; western writers, particularly Joaquin Miller, George Wharton James and James D. Barry; his own writings” [WC]
Flower, Benjamin Orange. Letter, (25 June 1903) Boston, Mass. to Mr. Edwin
Markham, [Staten Island, N. Y.]. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY. [WC] [MCK]
“Benjamin is getting a symposium for the Arena on Prof. Stimson's book and some opinions. Benjamin has been pressed for time and unable to write. He is interested in the Prof. book and ordered Mr. Brandt to send you one. I would like your opinion. Prof Raymond of Princeton Uni sent an excellent criticism. Joaquin Miller and Rev. R. Heber Newton will be sending something in early July....” [WC].
Miller, Abigail Leland, Papers, 1903-1936. [BERK] [WC] [MCK] [OLUC]
“Correspondence; papers re dispute with Harr Wagner over Joaquin Miller
copyrights; papers re Miller estate; clippings; notes; photographs” [WC]
Leaders in Western Letters. Los Angeles: Out West Company, 1903. 16 ports.
Portrait and Biographical Record of the Willamette Valley. Containing original sketches of many well-known citizens of the past and present. Chicago: Chapman Pub. Co. 1903. 1571pp. [HGT] [MULT] [WC] [OHS] [MGK] [MCK] [See also 1997 and 2000]
-----. Salem, Massachusetts: Higginson Book Company, 1997. 2000. 1571pp.
Stoddard, Charles Warren, 1843-1909. Charles Warren Stoddard Papers 1903-1906. 1 box. 61-70 of 77 items displayed. Print Access [UCB] [Melvyl] [MGK]
Thane, Mrs. J.E., compilation. Literary Scrapbook, [ca. 1903-1904] 58 pp. Bancroft Library [STANFORD - MELVYL] [BAN] [WC] [MCK] [OLUC]
“Includes Joaquin Miller material - letter (A.L.S.), poem (A. Ms. S.) and clippings, p. 17-20; poem by Edwin Markham (A. Ms. S.) and clippings, p. 21-22; two letters from Ina D. Coolbrith (A. Ls. S.) and copies of her poems, p. 23-29; copy of poem by Mary Austin, p. 30-31; poem by Catherine Markham, p. 33” [WC]
Washington State University Libraries, Historic Photograph Subject File.
Picture of Joaquin and Captain O. C. Applegate listed. See also Austin Mires

Bibliography: Printable

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