1913 - [Joaquin Miller died February 17, 1913]

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[MCK: Lengthy biography]
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This partial article is later printed in full in the same OHS Scrapbook on page 160 [MCK]
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May not be a separate article. [MCK]
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Picture of Joaquin (Hollinger & Co.) and Johnston’s story of his friendship
with Miller. Johnston met Joaquin at one of Mary Mape Dodge’s weekly receptions and the poet became a frequent visitor at the Johnston home. One occasion when he was asked by Johnston’s son for an autograph, Joaquin wrote a short poem of 4 lines, which is included with the article in both handwritten form and in deciphered form.
“Miller Liked in London: Poet of the Sierras Was Much Lionized on His Visits. Special
Cable to the New York Times” The New York Times (23 February 1913): 5 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Noted that Miller visited London two or three times and was acquainted
with Ford Madox Brown, William Rossetti and Dante Rossetti. The article ends with: “At that time he said that the poets who most influenced him were Byron, Burns, and Edgar Allan Poe, and that the living English poet who interested him most was Christina Rossetti.”
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“Poet Died Well-to-Do: Joaquin Miller’s Real Estate Worth $75,000 - Left No Will.”
New York Times (26 February 1913): 9 [MCK]
Note about Abbie filing letters of administration on the 25th. The estate consists of the following: personal property - $1,000; real property - over $10,000, Piedmont foothills estate - $75,000 and copyrights on his works.
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Noted that Joaquin’s ashes are to be spread on the 25th. Joaquin wanted to be burnt on the pyre but municipal laws restricted this [MCK]
Ashes scattered at the Hights (cut). San Francisco Morning Call (26 May 1913): 1: 4 [CAL] [MGK]
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Noted that Joaquin’s ashes were scattered that day. The ceremony, conducted by The Bohemian Club of San Francisco, was attended by more than 500 people. Colonel John P. Irish said the final words and set afire the pyre.
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Letters and Archival Papers
Coolbrith, Ina. Letter, [1914] March 22, San Francisco, California [to] Mr. [Edwin]
Markham, West New Brighton [Staten Island] New York. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY. [WC].
“Ina would like a list of the important Literary Socialities in New York
and the east. She doesn't want to make any mistakes. She discusses Joaquin Miller and [his] health [and] problems with his wife and how sad and tragic it has been for him” [WC]. [[] by MGK. Coolbrith and others had urged different forms of care for the ailing Miller.] [MGK]
Sketch of Joaquin Miller at time of his death. Portrait. Daggett’s Scrapbook. 3. p. 132. [CAL] California State Library Local History room, Sacramento, microfilm # 1480 [MGK]

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