Primary Sources
Miller, C.H. A Valedictory Poem written in March, 1859 for graduation ceremonies at Columbia College, Oregon. Flowers (1904:603) states that this was Miller's first poem to be printed. Rosena Giles' 17 March 1949 Shasta Courier article declares that Miller's first poetry was written in 1854. [BAL cites Miller's 1897 The Complete Poetical Works printed in 1897, p. vi, which states, "The first thing of mine in print was the valedictory class poem, Columbia College, Eugene, Oregon, 1859."] [BAL (6:210) gives the date as 1859.] [A four-line extract appears in Wagner 1929:48.] [Columbia College Session, Dec. 1858-March 1859.] [George Miller gave graduation date as 1859.] [MGK]
-----. "Texas Springs Correspondence." Shasta Courier (26 March 1859). By “Vindicator." [The editor quotes parts of a letter from “Vindicator" and admonishes him to hold his comments to “half a sheet of letter paper" in which case they would be printed each week. Miller complies by changing from prose to poetry; see entries by “Miner,” “Skurb," etc.] [Miller's authorship of this article has not yet been proven.] [MGK]
-----. My Cabin. Shasta Courier (9 April 1859). By "Miner." [MGK]
-----. The Fillibuster. Shasta Courier (23 April 1859). By "Skurb." [MGK]
-----. May. Shasta Courier (30 April 1859). By "Skurb." [MGK]
-----. Taking Subscriptions. Shasta (Shasta Co. CA.) Republican (30 April 1859). By “___________." [MGK]
-----. Over Yon Desert. Shasta Courier (7 May 1859). By "Skurb." [A precursor to Miller's later The Ship in the Desert, 1875.] [MGK]
-----. To ------ ---------- Humbug. Shasta Republican (7 May 1859). By "***." [Note Miller's signature as "H***" in The Golden Era (5 April 1868).] [MGK]
-----. Miller as “Skurb” to the Shasta Courier (14 May 1859). [Miller refers to his work as a "mess of greens." Later, in his Preface to The Ship in the Desert, he refers to his work as "my weeds, my grasses, and blue-eyed blossoms."] [MGK]
-----. Going Home. Shasta Courier (14 May 1859). By "Skurb." [MGK]
-----. The Wheel of Life. Shasta Courier (14 May 1859). By "Skurb." [One wonders what he read on Buddhism that prompted this? In 1889 he attended a Bohemian Club dinner honoring Edwin Arnold, author of The Light of Asia.] [MGK]
-----. Gotten. Shasta Courier (21 May 1859). By "Skurb." [MGK]
-----. I Can't Get My Foot on the Break. Shasta Courier (21 May 1859). By "Skurb at Equine City May 1859." [Some lines and the misspelling of "brake" from this poem are repeated in The Tale of Tall Alcalde and Life Amongst the Modocs. Equine City was a spoof-name for Horsetown which was located on the flat just south of the present Clear Creek Bridge over the site where Major Reading discovered gold March 1848 (Shasta Historical Society Newsletter (May 1991)).] [MGK]
-----. Music. Shasta Courier (28 May 1859). By "Skurb, Equine City May 1859." [MGK]
-----. A Sentimental Song. Shasta Courier (28 May 1859). By "Skurb, Equine City May 1859." [MGK]
-----. The Plague. Shasta Courier (4 June 1859). By "Skurb, Equine City, June 1859." [MGK]
-----. Starvation. Sacramento Daily Union (4 June 1859). By "Vega." [Though attributed to Miller by Corinne Hoffpauir, the fact that Miller is the author has not been totally proven. But note Miller's article in the Sacramento Union in March 1862.] [MGK]
-----. The Steeplechase. Shasta Courier (25 June 1859). By "Skurb, Equine City June 20 1859." [MGK]
-----. Twenty-Five. Shasta Courier (25 June 1859). By "Skurb, Equine City June 1859." [MGK]
-----. The Northern Brave. Shasta Courier (2 July 1859). By "Skurb." [A precursor to his 1873 book Unwritten History.] [MGK]
-----. Whoop. Shasta Courier (2 July 1859). By "Skurb." [No place or dateline is given, but he uses the Wintu Indian and French languages.] [MGK]
-----. Walker's March. Shasta Courier (9 July 1859). By "Skurb." [A precursor to his With Walker in Nicaragua. Although Miller had left the county, he had entrusted his poems to Anton Roman, bookseller. See Seattle Post-Intelligencer (21 April 1907).] [MGK]
-----. Farewell to Ohio. Shasta Courier (16 July 1859). By "Skurb." [MGK]
-----. The Trader. Shasta Courier (23 July 1859). By "Skurb." [MGK]
-----. Letter, untitled poem, and A Bolter. Shasta Courier (30 July 1859). [“Skurb” notifies editors of errors that appeared in one of his poems. Editor apologizes to “Skurb.” Miller had begun writing about politics to newspapers in 1857. See Miller, 1977: 194.] [MGK]
-----. 'Lection Time. Shasta Courier (3 September 1859). "By Skurb." [MGK]

Secondary Sources
“Texas Springs Correspondence.” Shasta Courier (26 March 1859).
By“Vindicator.” [The editor quotes parts of a letter from “Vindicator” and
admonishes him to hold his comments to “half a sheet of letter paper”in which case they would be printed each week. Miller complies by changing from prose to poetry; see following entries by “Miner,” “Skurb,” etc. Miller’s authorship of this article has not yet been proven.] [MGK]

Young Men’s Library Association. “Special Notices” section Shasta Courier (30 April 1859). [The Association will meet on Thursday evening of each week at 8 o’clock for the transaction of general meetings. Rooms in Tomlinson’s building over Wells Fargo & Company open to members at all hours. I.N. Briceland, President.] [MGK]

Shasta Courier (14 May 1859). [A reader points out that the May 7 poem
To ---- ------ Humbug was an acrostic spelling Shasta Republican.] [MGK]

Shasta Republican. (14 May 1859). [Editor states that “***” “is a wit of the
diamond order.”] [MGK]

“Skurb.” Shasta Courier (21May 1859). [Editorial note about “Skurb’s” word preferences.] [MGK]

“To Correspondents.” Shasta Courier 8.14 (11 June 1859):2:1 [Editorial note refers to correspondence, possibly from C.H. Miller, about “Major [Reading] and Deism” and how the paper dare not print them however funny or good.] [MGK]

“To Steno” Shasta Courier 8.16 (18 June 1859): 2:2 [Editorial apology for having to postpone until the June 25 issue an excellent letter [never found].] [MGK]

“Grand Larceny” Shasta (Shasta Co. CA) Herald (18 June 1859). [Arrest of Miller for “having stolen a mule.”] [MGK]

“Grand Larceny” Shasta Courier (18 June 1859). [OHS microfilm]
“H. Miller, was arrested on Tuesday last, on Churn Creek, on the charge of having stolen a mule of J. S. P. Bass, on Stillwater, on the night of the 10th instant. He waived his examination, and was committed - in default of $500 bail, to await his trial, at the next court of sessions.” [NAOSUB] [MCK]

“Horse Thief” Shasta Herald (18 June 1859). [Miller’s horse stealing affair.] [MGK]

Shasta Courier (25 June 1859). [Editorial mention that other newspapers were reprinting Skurb’s poems.] [MGK]

Escape from Shasta Jail. See California State Library Pioneer Letters under Kesler, Wm. Andrew. [CAL] [MGK]

“Broke Jail.” Shasta Courier (9 July 1859) [MGK] [Miller’s escape from Shasta Jail. He left a saucy note and no posse followed. In the same issue it is noted that a letter was waiting for him at the Shasta Post Office under the name of “Miller, Hines.”] [OHS microfilm reads “On Saturday night last, during the performance of Lee’s circus in this place, two prisoners, Miller and Walton - the former charged with horse-stealing - made their escape from the jail, by sawing the iron bars in the windows. We understand they left rather a saucy letter to the Sheriff, which contained sundry quotations from the Scriptures in justification of their action. If they but leave the County and the State, we may congratulate ourselves upon our easy riddance of these facetious jail-birds.”] [NAOSUB] [MCK]
Indictment for Grand Larceny, 10 July 1859. Shasta County Courthouse, Redding, California. [HGT].

“The people of the state of California against Hiner Miller. In the court of Sessions in the county of Shasta, July term A. D. 1859.
Hiner Miller is accused by the Grand Jury of the County of Shasta, by this indictment of the crime of Grand Larceny, a felony committed as follows:
That the said Hiner Miller at the county of Shasta, on the 10th day of July A. D. 1859, one gelding horse of the value of eighty dollars, one saddle of the value of fifteen dollars and one bridle of the value of five dollars from the property, goods and chattels of one, Thomas Bass, then and there being found, then and there feloniously and willfully did steal, drive and take away, contrary to the statute in such case made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the people of the state.
James D. Mix, District Attorney
Names of Witnesses: Thomas Bass, William Kappel

Reverse Side:
I, H. I. Van Horn, Clarke of the Court of Sessions in and for said county, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of Indictment this day presented to the court of Sessions by the Grand Jury and now on file in my office.
Witness my hand with the seal of said court affixed at Shasta
This 19th day of July A. D. 1859.
H. I. Van Horn, Clerk, C. S.
By A. C. Taylor, Deputy [MCK]

Court of Sessions: 1859 Record Book 2, Pages 19-21.Shasta County, July Term.
[Grand Larceny by H. Miller recorded 21 July 1859. Bench warrant issued, p. 21.] [MGK]

Anonymous, 1859 Shasta Courier (30 July 1859). [The paper tells “Skurb” the
changes in his phraseology were incorrect readings by the printer.] [MGK]
Shasta Courier (3 September 1859). [Editor mentions that “some of “Skurb’s” poetical productions were going the rounds in eastern papers. Also mentions Ned Reese’s opinion of the poet.] [MGK]

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. 195 portraits of Miller 1859-1912. [HON] has in JM Box 3] [MGK]
Stowell, George. “Enoch Pinkney Henderson.” Oregon Historical Quarterly 19( ??):
164-5. [HGT] [MCK]
-----. “Joaquin Miller, A Sketch.” (OHS Clippings File) [MCK]
Twelve typewritten pages by Stowell who met Miller in 1859 at school in Eugene,
Oregon. [MCK]

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