Primary Sources
Miller, Joaquin. The Destruction of Gotham. New York: Funk & Wagnalls. Standard Libary No. 139. 1886: 214 pages. [USC] [RCL] [HUN] [MES] [AAS has a first edition.] [UOL has two copies.] [OAK has one copy.] [HON has a holograph note, signed by Miller, laid in.] [MNS also cites Wright American Fiction Vol. 3, 1876-1900 No. 3738 Research Publications, Inc.] [Mircofilm reel M-36] [MGK] [Middlebury College] [MCK] [The Fall of Gotham. New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1886. For sale by Phillips & Hunt.] [MCK]
-----. ’49: The Gold Seeker of the Sierras. London: Hunt, 1886. [STANFORD - MELVYL] [MCK]
----. The Little Gold Miners of the Sierras, and Other Stories. By Harriet Beecher Stowe and Others. Boston: D. Lothrop and Company. 1886: 254 pages. [MNS says “Miller and 9 other writers.”] [PMC] [UOL] [HON] [USC] [AAS has a first edition.] [BAL says to see “We Young Folks...1886, i.e., 1885, pp. 7-22” for prior publications.] [See also October 1883; Pacific Nature Stories 1896, 1901.] [HUN says Miller's The Little Gold Miners of the Sierras on pp. 7-22. (Jim Keene, Stumps, and Madge). [My Xerox of this from HUN says “The Little Gold Miners of the Sierras By Joaquin Miller and Others.” Pp. 7-22. Western has none of these publications.] [MGK] Listed in “Joaquin Miller Books.” (60 entries) [OHS Clippings File] [STANFORD - MELVYL] [MCK]
-----. Songs of the Soul. San Francisco. 1886 [See also 1896.] [MGK]
-----. Ballad of a Brave Cattle-Man. In Standard Recitations by Best Authors, No. 11. Compiled by Frances P. Sullivan. New York: M.J. Ivers & Co. 1886 [BAL (6:194) notes that the poem appears on pp. 29-30. [BAL] further notes that it is otherwise a version of That Faithful Wife of Idaho, which appeared in In Classic Shades, 1890.] [MGK]
-----. The Last Regiment. In Bugle-Echoes a Collection of Poems of the Civil War. Edited by Francis F. Browne. New York: White, Stokes & Allen. 1886 [BAL (6:194) notes that the poem appears on pp. 261-263. It appears as The Lost Regiment in In Classic Shades, 1890.] [MGK]
-----. The Soldier's Home, Washington. In The Elocutionist's Annual. No. 14. Compiled by Mrs. J.W. Shoemaker. Philadelphia: Public Department, The National School of Elocution and Oratory. 1886 [BAL says, "Collected in In Classic Shades, 1890."] [MGK]
-----. The Children of the Poets: An Anthology. Edited by Eric S. Robertson. London: Walter Scott. 1886 [BAL (6:213)] [MGK]
-----. Dick's Recitations and Readings No. 16. New York. 1886 [BAL (6:213)]
-----. Miller's poems in Representative Poems of Living Poets American and English Selected by the Poets Themselves. Introduction by George Parsons Lathrop. New York: Cassell & Company Limited. 1886 [BAL (6:194)] [MGK]
-----. ?...? In We Young Folks: Original Stories for Boys and Girls. By Harriet Beecher Stowe and Others. Boston: D. Lothrop and Company, 1886. [MGK]
-----. “With the Children of Mary Chatsworth.” The Independent. New York. (14 January 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “In the Heart of Old Virginia.” The Independent. New York. (18 February 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. Mexico City. 1886 [This poem in four stanzas of 20 lines is noted by [HON] as "A.MS.S. 1 leaf 1g4to." It was written in March in Mexico and is located in JM Box I: folder 6:4.] [See also April 25 for five stanzas of six lines each, also on Mexico.] [MGK]
-----. Newport News. The Independent. New York. (4 March 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “Over the Alleghanies in the Snow.” The Independent. New York. 18 March 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. Mexico City. The Independent. New York. (25 March 1886) [HON lists this as a poem but elsewhere says “this account” dated Paso del Norte, Mexico.] [MGK]
-----. “Teotihuacan:” [Mexico's Valley of Ruins.] Dated April, Mexico. [HON has this "AM.S.S. 9 leaves 1.g4to." in JM Box I: folder 7.] [MGK]
-----. To Mexico. San Francisco Morning Call 59.146 (25 April 1886): 10: 5 [HON] [CAL] [A five stanza poem of six lines each, 30 lines.] [MGK]
-----. “Land of Rest and Romance.” The Independent. New York. (6 May 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. On the Battle Ground of El Molino Del Rey. The Independent. New York. (13 May 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. On the California Hills. The Wasp. (2 June 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “In New Rome.” The Independent. New York. (10 June 1886) HON] Dated City of Mexico [MGK]
-----. Child of the Sun: Silent Aztec. The Independent. (17 June 1886) [HON has the autographed manuscript inserted in his Songs of the Summerlands (PS2397 So5 SU 1892).] This verse also appeared in the August 21, 1886 Argonaut under the title Silent Aztec [MGK]
-----. “How I came to be a Writer of Books. The Literary Autobiography of Joaquin Miller.” Lippincotts 38 (July 1886): 106-110. [PMC] [HON] [MGK] [MCK]
-----. “Joaquin Miller at Berkeley. [U.C.B.]” The Golden Era 35.7 (July 1886): 421-426. [HON] [Extract from The Times: Chicago.] [Harr Wagner and Walter E. Adams were proprietors of The Golden Era at this time.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to the Editor. Shasta Courier. Shasta, CA. (10 July 1886) [Letter mailed from San Francisco July 2.] [MGK]
-----. Letter. Yreka Journal (17 July 17 1886) Reprinting of Miller’s letter of July 2nd to the Shasta Courier. [MCK]
-----. “Life in the City of Laces.” [Nottingham, England] The Independent. New York. (15 July 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. This Morning in San Francisco. The Golden Era. (August 1886): 508 [HON] [Written July 30, 1886.] [MGK]
-----. “Our Prophets in Their Own Land.” The Golden Era. (August 1886): 509-? [HON]
[SPL] [American writers should see America first.] [MGK]
-----. “Bricks.” The Golden Era. ( August 1886) The first of five essays (or unofficially
letters to his son George) from August 86 through Feb. 87.
-----. Contributions to The Golden Era, Pacific Rural Press, San Francisco. [HON calls the series “Bricks,” says 1886-1887, and they have them on file, not properly cited.] [MGK]
-----. Silent Aztec. Argonaut. (21 August 1886) [HON has the manuscript.] [MGK]
-----. “Joaquin Miller Writes On Oregon.” The Chicago Times., (30 August 1886) [Supposedly written Eugene City, Ore. Need exact] [See Sept. 25] [MGK]
-----. “The Great Steel Belt of the States.” The Golden Era. (September 1886): 561-563 [HON] [See the United States first by rail.] [MGK]
-----. Two Epitaphs: A. T. Stewart and Peter Cooper. The Golden Era. (September 1886): 582. [HON] [MGK]
-----. Bricks. The Golden Era (September 1886) [HON] [[MGK]
-----. First Protest Letter to the Editors. The Critic 6 (9 September 1886) [HON gives the date as September 25.] [Miller was writing letters to the editor in 1857.] [MGK] [PET] [MCK]
-----. “How It Feels to be Shot.” Shasta Courier. Shasta, CA (25 September 1886) [MGK]
-----. “Joaquin Miller Writes On Oregon For The Chicago Times.” Reprinted in Jacksonville, Oregon Table Rock Sentinel (25 September 1886): 1 [MGK]
-----. “Largest Idol in the World.” The Independent. New York (30 September 1886) [HON] [Another account from Mexico City.] [MGK]
-----. Under the Palm Tree, I - VII. The Golden Era 35.10 (October1886): 617-625 [HON] [MGK]
-----. “Irrigation.” The Golden Era 35.10 (October 1886): 642 [HON] [West of the Mississippi.] [MGK]
-----. Bricks. The Golden Era. 35.10 (October 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “The Finest City on Earth, Sir.” The Independent 35.11 (24 October 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. Under the Palm Tree, VIII - XVIII. The Golden Era 35.11 (November 1886): 685-694 [HON] [MGK]
-----. “Some Large Ideas About Land.” The Golden Era (November 1886): 709-711 [HON] [Written at Redding, California, about the influx of foreigners and foreign capital and about the need for irrigation in California.] [MGK]
-----. Arbor Day. San Francisco Morning Call. (28November 1886): 3: 3 [CAL] [Read at the opening ceremonies on Yerba Buena Island, California, November 27, 1886.] [MGK]
-----. “Arbor Day: The Planting of Trees by Young School Children: Ceremonies at Yerba Buena Island, the Presidio, and Fort Mason. A Successful Beginning Address by General O.O. Howard, General Vallejo, Colonel Irish and Others.” San Franscisco Morning Call 60.1 (28 November 1886): 3: 3-4 [Miller read his poem, Arbor Day at the opening ceremonies for the Arbor Day celebration at Yerba Buena Island, California, November 27, 1886.] [MGK]
-----. The Sea of Fire. The Golden Era 35.12 (December 1886): 745-750 [HON] [A poem, stanzas I - XII.] [See January 1887] [MGK]
-----. Arbor Day. The Golden Era 35. 12 (December 1886): 760 [HON] [MGK]
-----. Bricks. The Golden Era 35. 12 (December 1886): 795-797 [HON] [MGK]
[Written in Washington D.C. in the fall re an earlier visit to Mt.Vernon; about the young Mrs. Cleveland; and about setting ...”my face for my work by the great sea in the West.”] [MGK]..
-----. “In the Heart of Mexico” The Independent. New York (2 December 1886) [HON] [MGK]
-----. California's Christmas. San Francisco Morning Call 61.25 (25 December 1886: 1: 6 [HON] [CAL] [Written in San Francisco, December 24, 1886.] [MGK]

Secondary Sources
Cronau, Rudolf. Von Wunderland zu Wunderland. Landschafts und Lebensbilder aus
den Staaten und Territorien der Union, von Rudolf Cronau . . . mit Erlauterungen in Poesie and Prosa von Friedrich Bodenstedt, H. W. Longfellow, Bret Harte, Joaquin Miller. Leipzig: M. Spohr, [c1885]. [STANFORD - MELVYL] [MCK] [Gonzaga has a copy} [MGK]
Hult, Ruby El. Mahoney and the Miller’s Daughter. [re. ca. 1886?] ms.S., 5 leaves Bancroft Library. [UCB] [STANFORD - MELVYL] [WC] [MCK]
“Reminiscences of Jay Mahoney as told to Mrs. Hult concerning early
theatrical experiences with Maud Miller and her father, Joaquin Miller.”
Taylor, Marian and Others. “Life of Joaquin Miller.” Out West 3 (1886) [MGK]
Out West Magazine 7 (n.s.) (1886) [PET] [MCK]
Grant County News Canyon City Oregon 7.42 (14 January 1886) p. 3, col. 4, para 1. [DCS] [Re Miller’s time in Canyon City and about his then being in Wash. D.C.] [MGK]
“A Remarkable Claim.” New York Times (18 Jan 1886)
[From Chicago, January 17. Story of Maud showing up at the Elder Publishing
Company with a manuscript to sell and a story of being a failed and penniless actress. She was loaned money and put in the care of kind-hearted ladies who put her abroad a New York train. And, the story doesn’t end with her boarding of the train, other articles followed in the New York Times and various Chicago papers] [MCK]
“Joaquin Miller’s Daughter: A Runaway Match Which Turned Her Father’s Heart From
Her.” New York Times (19 January 1886): 8.
Opening with a summary of the previous day’s article on Maud’s troubles, the reporter goes on to quote from and summarize an article of Joaquin’s (“Women of the American Stage” which appeared in the Chicago Times on Sunday) in which Joaquin urges men to be fathers and brothers and support young actresses. This reporter then refers to another article in a different Chicago paper that stressed the contradiction of Miller writing the Times article and not supporting Maud in her time of need.

What follows this summary is the reporter’s version of an interview he had the previous day at Miller’s house in New York (he even supplies the address - No. 11 East 29th Street). Mrs. Miller, her mother, Mrs. William W. Leland and a young girl [probably Juanita] were present. The reporter assures readers that Mrs. Miller urged him to talk with Joaquin who had left during the middle of the previous week for Mexico via Washington. However, he managed to persuade Mrs. Miller to provide details worthy of several paragraphs.

The details included Maud’s schooling in Canada (6 years) at a convent, her visit to her father (3 years ago) and her desire to go to Europe being supported and funded by her father. Then Maud’s letter came. She wanted to marry Mr. Steele Mackaye. Father writes forbids marriage and writes for her to come home - the reward: trip with him to New Orleans. Daughter returns to the States and immediately goes to the Mackaye residence in New Jersey and marries the actor/author. Doesn’t invite father.

Along with these details, Mrs. Leland states that a telegram arrived yesterday and hadn’t been opened. The reporter provides this explanation:
“Mrs. Joaquin Miller said yesterday that her husband never receives a telegram from anybody. Some years ago he was greatly shocked by a messenger suddenly breaking in upon him with a telegraphic message announcing the death of his mother. Since then he has never opened a telegram, and will not break the seal of a letter until he is through with his work and his mind is perfectly free from the cares of thought and work.”
Rufus, MacKaye, Arthur Loring. “Joaquin Miller’s Daughter: A Denial that She
Reached Chicago in a Penniless Condition.” New York Times (20 January 1886): 3 [MCK]
“Joaquin’s Daughter.” Shasta Courier. Shasta, CA. . (23 January 1886) New York rpt. [Maud submits manuscript.] [MGK]
Oregonian (24 January 1886) Regarding Maud [MCK] [See NYT following] [MGK]
“Maud Miller’s Wedding: How the Chicago Priest Came to Perform the Ceremony.
Miss Miller’s Marriage to Arthur MacKaye Not Recognized by the Church - How She Met M’Cormick.” New York Times (24 January 1886): 1 [MCK]
“Maud Miller: Her Poet Father Implores Her To Go With Him to Mexico.” San Francisco Morning Call.LIX. 58 (27 January 1886): 1: 8 [CAL] [From New York, January 27.] [MGK]
“Mr. Mackaye Sues for Divorce: The Marital Troubles of Joaquin Miller’s Daughter.”
New York Times (28 January 1886): 5 [MCK]
“Miss Miller’s Marriages: Grounds on Which She Will Contest Mr. MacKaye’s Suit for
Divorce.” New York Times (29 January 1886): 8 [MCK]
“Stedman’s Poets of America.” Overland Monthly 7.39 (March 1886): 318. [MOA] [MCK] Review of The Poets of America. By Edmund Clarence Stedman. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin Company, 1885.
“New Books.” New York Times (22 March 1886): 3 [MCK]
“Local Ink Drops.” Shasta Courier. (26 June 1886) [No, Joaquin was not in town. It was a case of mistaken identity: “Every time a yellow haired man comes galloping into town...somebody starts the report that the ‘Poet of the Sierras’ has made his reappearance.”] [MGK]
Review of The Destruction of Gotham. New York Times. (27 June 1886: 12 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Young, Claiborne Addison. “Pen Pictures of Authors Whom I Have Met” Literary Life
5.6 (July 1886): 184-186 [WC] [MCK]
Review of The Destruction of Gotham. Overland Monthly 8 (July 1886): 107 [OAK] [CCL] [RCL] [MGK]
Review of The Fall [sic] of Gotham. Overland Monthly 8.43 (July 1886): 108 [MOA] [MCK]
“A Convention of Authors.” New York Times (1 July 1886): 1.
Regarding convention of the authors of Indiana held on June 30 in Indianapolis.

“A letter was read from Joaquin Miller, in which he said: ‘Yes, I believe I was
born in Indiana, or on the Ohio line, but that is of the least importance. I know very well I like the State, particularly the western portion of it. My grandfather fell in the battle near old Fort Meigs, and is buried there. I would, therefore, if for no other reason, be a sad patriot if I did not turn my back fondly to the banks of the great lakes of the North. But a man’s future is not behind him. The dead past must bury its dead in the battle of life if we hope to carry the banner of our civilization forward. America is a barbarous land as yet and no one State can afford to sit down and shake hands in congratulations with herself. Still association may help you in your work a bit, and to this end I wish you all you may desire, and promise certainly to be with you if possible.” [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller to Lay Down Pen.” Public Opinion 1(10 July 1886): 259. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
“Joaquin Miller.” Shasta Courier. (17 July 1886) [Miller engaged by the The Times: Chicago to write a series of letters from California.] [MGK]
Review of The Destruction of Gotham. The Nation 43 (29 July 1886): 102 [RCL] [CCL] [MGK] [MCK] [RCL makes the notation, “Miller is extravagant but sincere in this attack against the sin of the age—contention for riches. He has a vicious literary style sparked by real indignation.”] [MGK]
Review of The Destruction of Gotham. The Critic 9 (n.s. 6) (7August 1886): 64. [RCL] [PET] [CCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Hearn, Lafcadio. Editorial. New Orleans Times-Democrat. (12 September 1886) [RCL] [See also 1964.] [MGK]
Rev. of The Destruction of Gotham. The Literary World 17 (18 September 1886): 317.
“Joaquin Miller’s First Protest.” The Critic. New Series 6 (25 September 1886): 150-151 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
“American Poets.” Quarterly Review 163 (October 1886): 389 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. Letter to Charles Warren Stoddard from The Alta, 529 California St., San Francisco, [California]. 1886? 1 env. [Written in pencil, traced over in ink, on the front of an envelope.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11289.] [MGK]
-----. Holograph letter to “my dear brother,” re: Maud, from Washington, D.C. (22 January 1886): 1½ pp. Picture of D.C. cabin. [FRS] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [William Hayes] Ward from San Francisco, Cal[ifornia] (5 June 1886): 1 p.[Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11288.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Mr. Charles Palmer from Washington, D.C.. June 12. [Re: actor's parts in “The Danites.”] [Huntington Library, MSS 1578.] Letter to Mr. Charles Palmer from Washington, D.C. dated June 12, 1886 re: actor's parts in “The Danites.” [MGK]
-----. Letter to Sands W. Forman. (August 1886) [Wagner 1929:113.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Stone & Kimball. (1 August 1886) [HON has in JM Box I: folder 16.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to General O.O. Howard. (19 August 1886) [Wagner 1929:113.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from Washington, D.C. (24 September 1886): 1 p. [Addressed: My dear dear friend.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11287.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Mr. Charles Palmer from Washington, D.C. dated October 3, 1886. Gift of John Seelye to the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. June 1991. [Huntington Library, MSS 1578.] Seen June 1992 [MGK]
Irish, Charles Wood. MsC362 Papers 1852-1904 of Charles Wood Irish including letters from Joaquin Miller and John P. Irish. University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa. http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/spec-coll/MSC/ToMsc400/MsC362/MsC362_irishcharles.html
Keith, William, Sketchbook, ca. 1880-1911. 1 album. [STANFORD - MELVYL].
“Sketches in pencil, ink and charcoal. Most unidentified, some views in
Yosemite. Also contains a Joauqin Miller poem, Some Little Song, and various notes.” [MCK]
San Francisco Bay Area Writers and Artists: Koral History Transcript / and Related
Material, 1962-1969. [WC] [BERK] [MCK]
Recollections of Joaquin Miller and others. [WC]
Wagner, Harr, Miscellany, 1929-1936.
“Contains scrapbook of clippings, mostly concerning Wagner's book, Joaquin Miller and His Other Self, and his relationship with Miller. Also includes biographical material about Wagner, as well as references to the Harr Wagner Publishing Company. In addition, copies of the Western Journal of Education, the Overland Monthly (and Out West Magazine), and the Westerner which have articles about Wagner are included” [BERK] [WC] [MCK]

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