Primary Sources
Miller, Joaquin. The Danites and Other Choice Selections from the Writings of Joaquin Miller, “the Poet of the Sierras.” 1878. Edited & Preface by A.V.D. Honeyman. New York: American News Company. 160 pages. [PMC] [UOL] [USC] [HUN has a copy with an autographed inscription.] [HON has a copy incscribed by the author.] [BAL (6:188) notes that this book is “basically a reprint” but contains the following material here first located in book form: The poems at pp. 139-146. All, with the exception of To the American Flag p. 146, collected in Songs of Italy, 1878. To the American Flag had prior publication in Song of the Centennial, 1876. General Custer pp. 156-157. Elsewhere not located. The Capitol at Washington, p. 157. Collected in In Classic Shades, 1890, as the first eight lines of The New President. A Race for Love and Life pp. 159-160. Extracted from The Sioux Chief's Daughter, collected in In Classic Shades, 1890.] [Wagner says Helen Brown Potter paid Miller $50 for this poem (Overland Monthly 75. 2 (February 1920): 120)] [Now available on line @
http://www.hti.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=moa;idno=AAS1271] [MGK] [MCK]
-----. Songs of Far-Away Lands 1878. London: Longmans, Green, Reader & Dyer, 1878. 301 pages [PMC] [UOL] [OAK] [RCL] [HON has a first edition, inscribed by the author.] [MGK] [MCK]
-----. Songs of Italy. Boston: Roberts Brothers. 1878. 186 pages. [PMC] [UOL] [OAK] [RCL] [USC] [HON has a first edition, inscribed by the author.] [AAS has a first edition.] [HUN says Colophon shows Cambridge: Press of John Wilson & Son. First edition.] [MGK] [Middlebury College] [MCK]
-----. Songs of the Sierras and Sunlands. Two volumes in one. Revised edition. London: Longmans, Green, Reader and Dyer. 1878 [PMC] [BAL (6:189) notes that this is “Basically a complete reprint. A cursory comparison with earlier texts reveals some revisions. Many of the pieces herein appear under altered titles, some being extracts from longer, previously collected poems.” See 1871, 1873, and 1892 for other editions.] [MGK]
-----. 39 Articles of the Church. 1878. London: Holden. [PMC] [MGK] [MCK] [Listed in ‘Joaquin Miller Books” – 60 entries] [OHS clipping file] [Not located. Unlikely, though not impossible, that this is Miller’s work.]
-----. ?---? In Dick's Recitations and Readings No. 8. New York. 1878 [BAL (6:211)] [MGK]
-----. In Africa. In Poems of Places Edited by Henry W. Longfellow. Boston. 1878. [BAL (6:211) notes that the poem appears on pp.24-25 and is extracted from Africa, The Ship in the Desert, Boston, 1875.] [MGK]
-----. ?---? In Poetry of America. By W.J. Linton. London. 1878 [BAL (6:212)] [MGK]
-----. Untitled poem In Notes of a Voyage to California via Cape Horn. By Samuel C. Upham. Philadelphia: Published by the Author. [OAK] [BAL (6:211-212) notes that the untitled poem on pp. 449-450 is reprinted from The Baroness of New York, 1877, p. 22.] [MGK]
-----. Untitled proem to Myrrh. In Latter-Day Lyrics. 1878. Selected by W. Davenport Adams. London. [BAL (6:211) notes that the untitled proem is six lines in length and appears on p. 182. Myrrh came from Songs of the Sierras, 1871.] [MGK]
-----. Coal Mine and Gases, 1878. Listed in “Joaquin Miller Books.” (60 entries), [OHS
Clipping File] [MCK]
-----. “American Hearts: A Tale in Seven Chapters I.” The Independent. New York. 30.1518 (3 January 1878): 3-5. [HON] [All four parts state, "Copyright 1878, rights of dramatization reserved by author."] [CAL: Juanita Miller's Sutro Library List says December 31, 1977.] [MGK]
-----. “American Hearts, II.” The Independent. New York 30.1519 (10 January 1878): 5-7 [HON] [MGK]
-----. “American Hearts, III.” The Independent. New York 30.1520 (17 January 1878): 4-6. [HON] [MGK]
-----.“American Hearts, IV.” The Independent. New York 30.1521 (24 January 1878): 3-4. [HON] [MGK]
-----. A Dream of Venice. San Francisco Argonaut. (26 January 1878): 2:7. [CAL] [MGK]
-----. The Quest for Love. San Francisco Argonaut. (9 February 1878): 2:5. [CAL] [MGK]
-----. “A Rough Sketch By One Who Was There” by ‘Caleb Q. Doppinspike’ re Miller's experience as a cook [probably by Miller] The Golden Era. San Francisco (16 February 1878): 1:1. CAL] [CSL] [Signed “Doppinspike,” probably a takeoff on “doppelganger” – a ghostly image of a living person.] [MGK]
-----. Behold, This Were Best. Harper's Bazaar. (9 March 1878) [HON] [MGK]
-----. A Hail-Storm in Venice. San Francisco Argonaut. (16 March 1878): 2:4. [CAL] [MGK]
-----. Byron. San Francisco Daily Alta California 30.10,232 (16 April 1878): 4:1. (Written in Nottingham, 1876) [HON] [CAL] [MGK]
-----. “Joaquin Miller on the Danites: Joaquin Miller has lately addressed the following letter to the President and members of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco.” (Signed and dated “New York Hotel, New York April 25, 1878”). New York Times (13 May 1878) [MGK] [Letter of introduction for Rankin (“his very best friend and better self”) who is going to be touring California with the “Danites.” Miller also notes that he is leaving for London on the 27th] [MCK]
-----. Life. The Independent 30.1539 (30 May 1878): 1 [HON] [MGK]
-----. First Love. Harper's Bazaar. (19 October 1878) [HON] [MGK]
-----. Four Dramas: The Danites, ‘49, Tally Ho and An Oregon Idyll [MGK]

Secondary Sources
Beadle, John Hanson. Western Wilds and Men Who Redeem Them. Cincinnati: Jones Brothers & Co. 1878: 393 Rptd. 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1882 [MGK] [MCK]
Honeyman, A.V.D., ed. The Danites and Other Choice Selections. by Joaquin Miller. New York: The American News Co. 1878. pp. ii-ix. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Reavis, L. U. The Life and Military Services of Gen. William Selby Harney. Introduction
by Gen. Cassius M. Clay. Saint Louis: Bryan, Brand & Company, 1878. 477pp. [WC] [MCK]
Upham, Samuel Curtis. “’California Day’ at the Centennial Exhibition.” In Notes of a
Voyage to California via Cape Horn, Together with Scenes in El Dorado, in the Years of 1849-’50. With an Appendix Containing Reminiscences . . . Together with the Articles of Association and Roll of Members of ‘The Associated Pioneers of the Territorial Days of California.” Philadelphia: The Author, 1878. 594pp. 404, 423. Note that Joaquin attended and presented brief remarks. [MOA] [MCK]
-----. “Celebration of ‘Admission Day’ at Long Branch, N. J.” In Notes of a Voyage to California via Cape Horn... 449-450 [MOA] [MCK]
Reprint of Joaquin’s letter read at the meeting. Joaquin expressed his
regret and not being able to attend and jotted a few lines celebrating the “world-builders of the West!”
-----. “Pioneer Journalism in California.” In Notes of a Voyage to California via Cape Horn… 392. [MOA] [MCK]
Note that Minnie Myrtle along with a host of lesser lights was one of the
first contributors to the Golden Era.
------. “Third Annual Re-Union and Banquet of ‘The Associated Pioneers of the
Territorial Days of California.” In Notes of a Voyage to California via Cape Horn…466 [MOA] [MCK]
Note that Joaquin was one of the chief exponents of a new school of literature that grew out of the pioneer days.
Note on Miller’s New York visit. San Francisco Argonaut 2, (16 February 1878): 3. [CAL] [MGK]
Review of First Fam’lies of the Sierras. The Independent 28 (6 April 1878): 9. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Bierce, Ambrose. “Joaquin Miller.” San Francisco Argonaut (6 April 1878) [MGK]
Prattle column. [A parody poem on Miller’s lifestyle and his style of writing.] [MGK]
“The Poet of the Sierras” San Jose Pioneer (27 April 1878): 1:5. [CAL] [FST: “Story of Miller’s outlawry in California, 1859-1860. California Historical Society Library.”] [MGK] [MCK]
San Francisco Argonaut (27 April 1878): 6:3. [CAL] [Not seen] [MGK]
“Notes and News.” The Academy 13 (25 May 1878): 460. [RCL] [MGK]
“ ‘Mr. Joaquin Miller, the American poet, arrived in London two or three weeks ago. He is not likely to remain long.’” [MCK] [Also see Letters]
Obituary, D.D. Harrill. Shasta Courier (20 June 1878) Miller’s theft of J.S.P. Bass’s horse mentioned in the obiturary [Harrill was the foreman of the grand jury which indicted Miller for the horse theft.] [MGK]
“Not A Success.” The West Shore 3.11 (July 1878): 157. [Ernst, 1943, p. 137: “An earlier issue of The West Shore [footnote to this publication], for instance...states: ‘Joaquin Miller as a dramatist is a miserable failure. His Danites was snubbed by the entire California press…’”] [MGK] [MCK]
Review of Songs of Italy. “Joaquin Miller’s Last Poems.” The New York Times (7 October 1878): 3 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK] [NYT online]
Review of Songs of the Sierras and Sunlands and Songs of Far-Away Lands. The Athenaeum 2660 (19 October 1878): 489-490. [RCL] [BSL] [MGK] [MCK]
Review of Songs of Far-Away Lands and Songs of the Sierras. The Examiner 3691 (26 October 1878): 1366. [RCL] [BSL] [MGK] [MCK]
“Uneasiness in England. What Occupies the London Mind . . . Joaquin Miller’s New
Poems.” The New York Times (3 November 1878): 4. [NYT online] [MCK] [MGK]
Woodberry, George E. Review of Songs of Italy in “Recent Poetry.” The Nation. 27 (28 November 1878): 336-337. [PMC] [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Anonymous. Oregon State Journal. (21 December 1878) [Ernst, 1943, p. 137: “In 1878, for example, an editorial in the town’s main newspaper [footnote to this publication] records..New York Sun ‘speaks in complimentary terms’ of Miller’s latest play.”] [MGK]
Saintsbury, George. Review of Songs of Far-Away Lands. The Academy 14 (28 December 1878): 596-597. [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. Inscription [18]78, London on flyleaf of his Songs of Faraway Lands. [HON has (PS2397 So 5F)] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from New York Hotel, New York City. [1878?]: 4 p. [Addressed: My dear monk.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11273.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from New York Hotel, New York. Saturday.
[1878?]: 2 p. [Addressed: My dear Carlos.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11275.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from New York Hotel, New York.
Wednesday. [1878?]: 2 p. [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11276.] [MGK]
-----. Letter of regret and untitled poem. In Notes of a Voyage to California via Cape
Horn. By Samuel C. Upham. Philadelphia: Published by the Author. 1878. [OAK] [BAL (6:211-212) notes that the letter of regret is “here in its earliest located book appearance.” The untitled poem on pp. 449-450 is reprinted from The Baroness of New York, 1877, p. 22.] [MGK] [Also see Secondary]
-----. [1878 Letters to Lord Houghton mentioned by RCL. Unseen] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Mr. Col[l]ier. (12 March 1878) [HON has in JM Box I: folder 3a.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from New York Hotel, New York. (7
December 1878): 2 p. [Addressed: My dear dear dear Don Carlos.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11267.] [MGK]
“The Club and Kettledrum: Gay Life in London.”
Letter from London, dated Wednesday, June 12, 1878.
“Mr. Joaquin Miller reappeared in Upper Bohemia the other night as mysteriously as he quitted this centre of art-life and worldliness a year or two ago. He hopes to produce his drama in London. I met him the other morning bargaining for a hansom to take him to the Derby. Soft hat and flowing locks, he still looked the poet of the Sierras. Everybody seemed delighted to meet him again at Lady Hardy’s Saturday nights; though a gloom was cast over the latest reception in Maida Vale by the illness of Sir Thomas Hardy, who is literally beloved by all who know him.”

Bibliography: Printable

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