Primary Sources
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-----. “Preface.” The Complete Poetical Works of Joaquin Miller. San Francisco:
Whitaker & Ray Company, c. 1897: 330 pp. v-xiii.
[In this preface Joaquin presents his own biography including the information that
his first printed work was the valedictory class poem at Columbia College, Eugene, Oregon, 1859 and that in 1861 “my elder brother and I were admitted to practice law under George H. Williams, afterwards Attorney-General under President Grant. Brother went at once to the war, I to the gold mines” (vi). In the preface Miller also quotes from an article in the Oregon Teacher in February 1897, the valedictory poem, Ultime from Joaquin Et Al. and from his poems on the dead millionaire of New York and Peter Cooper] [MCK]
-----. Revised Editions. The Complete Poetical Works of Joaquin Miller. San Francisco: The Whitaker & Ray Company, 1901, 1902, 1904. 327pp [STANFORD-MELVYL] [MCK]
Songs of the Sierras:
The Arizonian
Notes: story of leaving home for the mines, story of Mountain Joe,
background behind Songs of the Sierras.
With Walker in Nicaragua
Notes: Miller states that he knew Walker in California and was
with him in Nicaragua.
The Tale of the Tall Alcalde
Notes: Digression of when and where Joaquin Murietta died.
Joaquin discusses a conversation he had with Mrs. Gale Page at Walla Walla on July 5, 1896.
The Last Taschastas
Notes: Joaquin states that Taschastas was the leading piece in
Specimens, published in Oregon, 1867-8.
Joaquin Murietta
Notes: Joaquin states that this poem was the third in his London
book and called “California” but that it was called “Joaquin” in the Oregon book.
Kit Carson’s Ride
Notes: Extensive notes about Joaquin’s stay in London and failed
eyesight. Story of meeting Browning, Dean Stanley, Houghton, etc. at the Archbishop of Dublin’s. Joaquin states that after that he went on to breakfasts with Lord Houghton, lunch with Browning, a dinner with Rossetti and meeting Walt Whitman.
When Little Sister Came
Notes: On the move West and his father’s gentleness
-----. New York: Arno Press, 1972. [c1897]. 330pp. [STANFORD - MELVYL] [MCK]
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[See also 1875, 1876, 1887.] [See also Minnie Maddern Fiske] [MGK]
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Other subtitles include “Old Days are Recalled,” “Strong Reminder of the Rush to Salmon River,” “Same Stories are Told,” “Tales of Suffering Believed to be Exaggerated” and “Pen Pictures of the Great Rush.” [MCK]
-----. “Sing of the Klondike.” Chicago Tribune (29 July 1897): 4 [MCK]
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-----. San Francisco Morning Call. (7 November 1897): 17:6 [CAL notes that an “intercepted letter from Alaska 10-24” appears in this newspaper.] [MGK]

Secondary Sources
Literary World. Vol. 27. [MGK]
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-----. Alaska and the Klondike Gold Fields: Containing a Full Account of the Discovery
of Gold, Enormous Deposits of the Precious Metal, Routes Traversed by Miners, How to Find Gold, Camp Life at Klondike: Practical Instructions for Fortune Seekers, Etc., Etc., Including a Graphic Description of the Gold Regions, Land of Wonders, Immense Mountains, Rivers and Plains, Native Inhabitants, Etc. [S. L.: s.n.], 1897. 566pp. [OHS].
“‘Including Mrs. Eli Gage’s experiences of a year among the Yukon
mining camps; Mrs. Schwatka’s recollections of her husband as the Alaskan pathfinder; prosaic side of gold hunting, as seen by Joaquin Miller, the poet of the Sierras.’” [OHS Library Catalog]
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“There must be some remedy for the beggar, some scheme whereby the
professional ‘unemployed’ can be turned into good citizens. Joaquin Miller tried it in his little ranch on the Heights, but failed.” [MCK]
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“Pt. 1. Fitting out at Victoria for the gold-fields --pt. 2. On the way to the
gold-fields : Victoria to Juneau -- pt. 3. On the way to the gold-fields : conditions at Skagway -- pt. 4. Skagway and the White Pass Trail -- pt. 6. Exploring the White Pass Trail --pt. 7. The Dyea or Chilkoot Trail -- pt. 8. On the Chilkoot Trail from Dyea to Sheep Camp” [WC]
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Note that Joaquin Miller might have written a rural epic on the feud between Redding and Shasta if he had stayed in Shasta, and a note about the oak tree in front of saloon where according to local tradition “Miller, when a lad, used to post his verses for the assembled miners to read and admire.”

Letters and Archival Papers
Adney, Tappan, Papers, Dartmouth College
Miller, Joaquin. 1897-1910 Letters to Blanche Partington. 25 letters.[BAN] [MGK]
-----. Alaska and Klondike Correspondence. Chicago Tribune, July 26, 28, 30, 31; August 2, 3, 10, 16, 25, 29; September 4, 13, 1897; January 23, 30; February 6; May 1; July 10, 20,1898. The same correspondence appeared in the San Francisco Examiner, the New York Journal, and in numerous other newspapers. [FST] [See also Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, and St. Louis Republic.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Harr Wagner (16 August 1897) [Wagner 1929: 177]. A typographical error in Wagner’s book gives the date as 1892. [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from “Hights,” Oakland, Cal[ifornia]. Nov. 15.
1 p. [Addressed: My gentle, genial Charley.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F.,
HM 11301.] [This letter had to be in 1897/98 as he was in the Klondike.] [MGK]
-----. Inscription “Merry Christmas” (25 December 1897) New York on flyleaf of his The
Danites. [HON has (PS2397 D2, 1878] [MGK]
Hubbard, Elbert. Letter to “Dear Bro. Bittinger.” ( 4 September 1897) East Aurora, New
York. [HON has in JM Box 7] [MGK]
Murphy, Anna. Letter (7 December1897) Berkeley, California [to] Edwin Markham,
Oakland, California. In Markham Manuscript Collection, Wagner College, Staten Island, NY
“Anna was happy to get his letter. This afternoon she a had a long talk with
Mr. Raymond about them. She discusses their conversation. Mr. Raymond praise Markham to be better than Joaquin Miller. Miss Fay came over. She told Mary Fay about her and Edwin. Mary feels that Edwin is a great man. She is proud of him.” [WC] [MCK]
Noguchi, Yone, Papers: Additions, 1897-1904. The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley. [WC] [MCK] [OLUC] [MGK]

Bibliography: Printable

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