Primary Sources
Miller, Joaquin. Songs of the Sierras and Sunlands. London: Longsmans & Co. 1878. [PMC] [Unlocated] [MGK]
-----. The Bell. New York: Anson D.F. Randolph & Company. [BAL (6:216) notes: “A novelty booklet cut in the outline of a bell...By Joaquin Miller? Untitled two eight-line stanzas beginning: ‘The Christmas bells as sweetly chime / As in the day when first they rang...,’ p. 7. Here credited to Miller.”] [MGK]
-----. Mexico, 1879 (four act play) [MCK]
-----. British America, Southern States. In Poems of Places. Edited by Henry W. Longfellow. Boston. 1879. [MGK]
-----. California, The Cañon, The Plains of Arizona, and The Plains, Western States in Poems of Places Edited by Henry W. Longfellow. Boston. [BAL (6:212) notes that California appears on pp. 32-35, and The Cañon appears on pp. 36-39. Both are extracted from Songs of the Sierras, 1871. The Plains of Arizona appears on pp. 42-44 and is extracted from The Ship in the Desert, 1875; “the text varies somewhat.” Two poems are titled The Plains. The first appears on pp. 152-154 and is extracted from Joaquin et Al., 1869. The second appears on p. 159 and is extracted from Songs of the Sierras, 1871.] [MGK]
-----. Chez les Peaux-Rouges: Scenes de la Vie des Mineurs et des Indians de Californie par Joaquin Miller. Paris: Revue Britannique. [BAL (6:216) notes: “Not a separate publication as sometimes suggested, but a translation into French of Life Amongst the Modocs..., London, 1873, and published as pp. 57-118, 343-400, 103-148, 451-488, of Revue Britannique, Paris.”] [MGK]
-----. The Great Plains and the Desert. Contributed to Henry T. Williams (1876) The Pacific Tourist. New York. [343 or 309 pages depending upon which card [UOL] holds. They have two copies, one of which is in the “Oregon Collection.” The other is in general circulation.] [HON has a copy in their locked room.] [CAL] [OHS] [MGK]
-----. Rome and an untitled excerpt from a children’s poem, p. 72-73 and 74 in Poets’ Homes. By Arthur Gilman and Others, Boston D. Lothrop and Company. [MGK]
-----. Palantine Hill. San Francisco Argonaut. (25 January 1879): 4:4 [CAL] [MGK]
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-----. Fair Mexico. San Francisco Argonaut. (1 March 1879): 4:11. [CAL] [MGK]
-----. “What is Poetry, I.” The Independent. New York. (12 June 1879) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “What is Poetry, II.” The Independent. New York. (19 June 1879) [HON] [MGK]
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-----. My Dream Bride. San Francisco Argonaut. (5 July 1879): 5:5. [HON] [CAL] [MGK]
-----. In Memoriam. Harper's Bazaar. (2 August 1879) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “London in Charcoal, I.” The Independent. New York. (7 August 1879) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “London in Charcoal, II.” The Independent. New York. (14 August 1879) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “London in Charcoal, III.” The Independent. New York. (21 August 1879) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “London in Charcoal, IV.” The Independent. New York. (28 August 1879) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “Two Babes in the Woods.” Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly. October and November 1879. Vol. 8, Chapters I-IV: 449-461), Chapters V-VIII 577-590. See also the same characters in Shadows of Shasta 1881 [HON] [MGK] [MCK]
-----. “Fishing in Oregon Waters, I.” The Independent. New York. (4 December 1879) [HON] [MGK]
-----. “Fishing in Oregon Waters, II.” The Independent. New York. (11 December 1879) [HON] [MGK]

Secondary Sources
Beadle, J.H. Western Wilds and the Men who Redeem Them. Jones Brothers, Cincinnati, OH. Miller appears on p. 393f. [PMC] [Has errors.] [MGK] [MCK]
Dictionary of American Biography. [Entry for Bartley Campbell (1843-1888) on pp. 450-451.] [BEL] [I believe Campbell used Miller’s work.] [MGK]
Miller, George. Diary from _____ to _____. [LHM] [MGK]
Gilman, Arthur and Others. Poets’ Homes: Pen and Pencil Sketches of American Poets and Their Homes. Boston: D. Lothrop and Company. Joaquin Miller 60-75.[MGK]
“Books of the Day.” Review of Songs of Italy. Appleton’s Journal 6 (January 1879): 93-94 [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
Browne, Matthew. Review of Songs of Far-Away Lands. The Contemporary Review 34 (January 1879): 419-420. [MGK] [RCL] [MCK]
“The Pleasures of Fashion: Balls and Other Entertainments Announced for the Month.”
New York Times 12 January 1879: 5. [NYT online] [MCK]
“The season of fashionable dancing and other entertainments opens to-morrow evening with the flower party at Delmonico’s. Among the invited guests are Sir Edward Thorton and his daughters, and the Russian and Italian Ministers, and it is said that Joaquin Miller will attend to illustrate the poetry of motion. Delmnico’s parlors are to be transformed into a bower of exotics for the event, after the pattern of the altar at Trinity at the recent wedding.”
Review of The Danites at “Booths Theatre.” New York Times (29 January 1879): 5. [MCK] [NYT online]
Review of “Joaquin Miller’s Songs of Italy.” Scribner’s Monthly 17.4(February 1879): 602-603. [MOA] [MCK]
Bridges, A.F. “Joaquin Miller and Lord Byron.” Potter’s American Monthly 12: (March 1879): 219-221. Philadelphia. [MGK] [PMC] [RCL] [PET] [WC]
Editorial in the Shasta Courier. (1 March 1879) [Commenting on Miller’s pro-Chinese feelings expressed in a letter he wrote to the New York Tribune.] [MGK]
Editorial in the Oregon State Journal. (8 March 1879) [Ernst, 1943, p. 137: “A still later editorial [footnote to this publication] reprints an interview...with the leading lady of Miller’s ‘new play, Mexico,’ as follows...”] [MGK]
“The Abduction Case.” Oregonian (30 April 1879) Maud’s “involvement” and statement in the Alice McDonald abduction. [MULT] [MCK]
“Editor’s Drawer.” Harper’s New Monthly Magazine 58:348 (May 1879): 951-952.
West Shore 5.5 (May 1879): 129. Criticism of Miller for criticizing the editor of the Oregonian on a return trip to Oregon [MGK]
“C. H. Miller, alias Joaquin, formerly of Grant County, a man whom some of our readers may remember as having achieved some notoriety by wearing long hair and writing verses with bad meter, returned to Oregon and immediately proceeded to curse the editor of the Oregonian. Coming from a long-haired man, one would expect the curse to have almost immediate effect, but as yet the Oregonian editor is evidentially losing no flesh.” [MOA] [MCK]
“Fearfully Unfortunate by Marriage.” Shasta Courier. May 3. [More divorce and child custody problems.] [MGK]
The Reading Independent. Reading, CA. (15 May 1879) [”Joaquin Miller has gone to visit his parents near Harrisburg, Oregon.”] [His father had had ague in March - See George Miller diary [LHM].] [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller. The ‘Bard of the Sierras’ is Interviewed by an Oregonian Reporter.”
Oregonian (20 May 1879): 3. [MUL micro] [MCK] [Rather melodramatic interview with Joaquin about Maud’s trouble.]
The Reading Independent. (5 June 1879) [From the Sacramento Bee and concerns Oregonian’s comments regarding Miller and his daughter, Maud.] [MGK]
The Independent. New York. (12 June 1879) [Not seen] [PMC] [MGK]
“Town and Vicinity Locals.” Shasta Courier. (14 June 1879) [”Joaquin Miller, and his daughter, Maud, passed through Reading a few evenings ago.”] [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller.” The Reading Independent. Reading, CA (19 June 1879) [Interview with Miller in Redding, CA.] [Reading, California changed its name to Redding, California in 1879.] [MGK] [See also Boggs 1942]
“The Chinese Question, Anti Chinese Statesmen vs. Joaquin Miller” [Caption on cartoon.] Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. New York. XLVII.1224 (21 June 1879): 8 [MGK]
Review of Songs of Italy. Pennsylvania Monthly 10 (July 1879): 550-553. [PMC] [RCL] [MGK] [MCK]
“Upper Sacramento River.” The Reading Independent. (3 July 1879) [Miller stopping at Bailey’s and “visiting some of his old haunts about the mouth of Soda Creek...”]
“Playwrights of America.” New York Times (6 July 1879): 5 [NYT online] [MCK]
Campbell, Bartley. My Partner. A play first produced at the Union Square Theatre, New York on Sept. 16, 1879, and later at the Olympic Theatre in London, April 10-May 8, 1884. [I saw the play at a dinner theater and also delivered as a farce by the Western Literature Association (WLA) Reader’s Theatre in Estes Park, Colorado, October 3, 1991 and there was not a line, scene, or situation that couldn’t have been found somewhere in Joaquin Miller’s works. Some reviews suggest Campbell took suggestions from the works of Bret Harte and Joaquin Miller. A German version with the title, Mein Kumpan, was staged in Berlin in 1883. A moving picture version was filmed in 1909.] [Miller knew Frank Campbell, Bartley’s brother in Siskiyou Co. in 1854.] [MGK]

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. Letters to M.P. Deady. Oregon Historical Society Library. Four letters (FST) [MCK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from 15 W. 31st St., New York City. (3 April 1879): 4 p. [Addressed: Dear Charley.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11268.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren] Stoddard from N[ew] Y[ork]. (19 April 1879): 4 p. [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11270.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from Frank Leslie's, Saratoga Springs, N[ew] Y[ork]. (3 September [1879?]): 2 p. [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11271.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from 109 W. 33d St., N[ew] Y[ork] City. (5 September 1879): 2 p. [Addressed: Dear Charley.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11272.] [MGK]
Miller, Joaquin and Markham, Edwin, Papers, 1879-1946 [California Historical Society].
“Letters and printed materials written by or concerning Miller, his second wife, Abigail Leland Miller, and their daughter, Juanita Joaquina Miller. Includes poems by Miller and one by Edwin Markham. Places represented include Oakland and San Francisco, Calif.” [WC] [MCK] [OLUC]
Miller, Calla S. Letters from Calla S. Miller (Joaquin’s Indian daughter) to George Miller of June 30, August 30, and November 3. [HON has in J.M. Box 3: folder (a). To George Miller from (Carrie) Calla Shasta Miller. Three a.l.s.’s and two photographs.] [See reprints, The Californians, 1992.] [MGK]

Bibliography: Printable

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