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Secondary Sources
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“Discussion of poetry published in England in the year 1871. Does not
mention Miller by name, but quotes extensively from Songs of the Sierras.
‘Our own opinion is that his merits have been estimated a little too highly by the critics who now affect to be supreme judges in all matters of poetical nature’” (RCL 22) [MCK]
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Reprint of 1873 edition.
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“States that Mr. Miller brings ‘a breezy air of the Sierras to this calmer London of ours.’ However, the only poem worth reading in his book is ‘Arazonian’ which reminds one of Browning” (RCL 22).
“The Literature of the United States in 1871.” The Athenaeum 2306 (6 January 1872): 14. [RCL] [MGK]
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?…? Sacramento Daily Union (1 February 1872): 6:2-4. [CAL] [Unseen] [MGK]
“To Have a Painter.” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (2 February 1872) [MUL Micro] [MCK]
“A San Francisco Jenkins says that “Joaquin” Miller is to have a painter. In fact a
life-size portrait is to be made of the “Poet of the Sierras.” We suspect that this bit of news is just about as reliable as was that put forth by a certain Portland Jenkins that “Joaquin” intended erecting a palatial mansion here, was engaged to marry a Scotch lassie possessed of rare poetic ability, etc., etc.”
Osgood, James R. “Joaquin Miller and His wife.” Every Saturday. (Boston) 12 (3 February 1872): 116-118.. Reprinted from The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science, and Art 31 (24 June 1871): 808-809. [PMC] [PET] [MCK] [RCL] [RCL has title: “Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Miller.”] [MGK]
Note. New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (23 February 1872) [MUL Micro] [MCK]
“’There are new Revelations about Joaquin Miller. It appears from a San Francisco letter to the Yreka Journal that he has with him at the first named city a girl fourteen or fifteen years old, who, he says, is his daughter; her mother being a Modoc Indian. What new sensation about Joaquin will next appear? - Ex.’
What do ‘Joaquin’s’ admirers think of that?”
Greenwood, Grace. “Notes of Travel.” New York Times (29 February 1872): 5. [NYT
online]. Article dated Thursday, February 1, 1872, San Francisco. [MCK]
Note about the recently held Artists’ Reception which was attended by all the celebrity of San Francisco including Joaquin Miller, “rough of dress, but mild of address, pale and pensive and peculiar, trying his best to look unconscious of the wistful gaze of hundreds of bright eyes. Quite the opposite of this pale wild Swinburne of the Sierras, was the genial and fresh-hearted English gentleman, and the actor, Henry Edwards . . . .”
Miller, Theresa Dyer. “My Boys.” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (1 March 1872): 1. [MUL Micro] [MCK]
“Mrs. Miller’s New Departure.” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (8 March 1872)
[MUL Micro] [MCK]
Editor laments that in a recent lecture Mrs. Miller “after recounting the
degradation and wrongs that women suffer, and after arriving at the conclusion that woman had an abstract right to vote, remarked that the ‘right not to vote’ was one to which woman should cling.”
“Mrs. Miller’s Triumph.” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (15 March 1872) [MUL
Micro] [MCK]
Article begins with a reprint of a thank you note to Minnie for her lecture
last Thursday and Minnie’s thanks and response that she will lecture again on Saturday the 16th at the Philharmonic Hall. The article goes on to call Minnie a “co-worker in the great cause of woman’s emancipation” and applauds her cleverness in patting men on the back.
“Mrs. Miller’s Lecture.” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (22 March 1872) [MUL
Micro] [MCK]
“Mrs. Miller’s Lecture on ‘Man.’” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (22 March 1872)
[MUL Micro] [MCK]
“She does not forget that when the whole literary world was ablaze with the praises of her apostate anti-suffrage husband, Woman Suffrage fearlessly threw down the gauntlet in behalf of an oppressed down-trodden mother, and holding aloft her virtues and ability, showed to the world the keen injustice of consigning her to the ignominy of a Zantippe . . .”
Weeden, William B. “American Poetry.” Old and New 5 (April 1872): 474-480. [RCL] [MGK] [RCL]. [PET- 5(1871)] [MCK]
“Castigates Miller for his egotism and vanity; refers to his separation from his wife ‘for selfish power and place’ as an explanation for his failure to express the ideal in poetry” [RCL 23]
“Mrs. Miller’s Lecture at Salem.” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (19 April 1872): 1.
[MUL Micro] [MCK]
This article is regarding Minnie’s lecture, “Man - his past, present, and
future, on April 13, 1872 at the Salem Opera House. The author recommends: “she so amend her lecture as to include the whole woman question, cast her manuscripts aside and put her whole soul into her work.”
“By Mail and Telegraph.” New York Times (22 April 1872): 1. [NYT online] [MCK]
“Mrs. Joaquin Miller, it is reported in Oregon, is coming East to lecture.”
Anonymous. New Age. Week before May 11, 1862. Account of Harry Lockhart’s death [1857]. Mentions Miller. [Only available/viewable at the CA State Library, Sacramento.] [MGK]
Shasta Courier (18 May 1872). Account of Harry Lockhart death [1857]. Mentions Miller [MGK]
Parkhurst, Clint. “The Border life of Joaquin Miller.” Lakeside Monthly 8 (July 1872): 110-113. July. [Poole’s Index]. [PMC] and [RCL] say it was August. [MGK]
Anonymous. Yreka Journal (17 July 17 1872) [Word reached the paper that Joaquin Miller had written a new work called The Shadows of Shasta.] [MGK]
Greenwood, Grace. “Notes of Travel: Eight Days in the Yosemite.” New York Times (27 July 1872) 2: 5. [NYT online] [MCK]
Greenwood’s description of a visit to Yosemite where she stayed at
Hutchings’ Hotel. Joaquin was present and Greenwood notes that she borrowed his horse and that they “heard also from the grave lips of the poet himself Joaquin Miller’s “Yosemite Song,” a poem which almost expresses the inexpressible.” John Muir and Mr. Morris were other visitors.
Parkhurst, Clint. “The Border Life of Joaquin Miller.” Lakeside Monthly 8 (August
1872): 110-113. [RCL] [MAR] [MCK]
“Purports to be ‘the only authentic facts’ on Miller’s frontier experiences, but is Miller’s own romanticized version of his life as he told it in London drawing-rooms” (RCL 23).
“Oregon: Summering on the Pacific Coast Bound for Yaquima Bay - Sojourning at the
Springs in the Mountains - Willamette Valley Described.” New York Times (18 Aug 1872): 6. [NYT online] [MCK]
“Etc.” Overland Monthly 9.3 (September 1872): 284. [MOA] [MCK]
“An Hour With Mr. Miller: The Poet of the Sierras Tells the Story of His Life: What he Thinks of his Wife’s Lecture, Why he Did not Give her Beefsteak, The Red Hot Stove, Mrs. Miller Not a Silent Angel But a Very Pretty Brunette.” California Evening Republican. (San Francisco) 2.20 (26 October 1872): 1:1-3 [”From the New York Sun, October 17, 1872.”] [A silly reporter gets the stock Miller promotional story plus Miller’s feelings for children.] [MES] [MGK]
“Joaquin Miller” lecture by Minnie Myrtle Miller. Alta. (25 September 1872): 1:3 [CAL] [MGK]
“Mrs. Joaquin on the Poet: Rich Revelations and Sly Satire.” San Francisco Evening Post (25 September 1872) [MGK]
Clarke, Samuel A. “Letter from Oregon.” “The Isles of the Amazons.” (27 September 1872) Sacramento Union (?September 1872) [FST] [MCK] [MGK] Clarke, Samuel Asabel. Scrapbook, V. II. [Sic 226B. p.4] [MGK] Clarke heavily
criticizes this poem both as to style and content. [MGK]
Editorial about Miller. Alta. (29 September 1872): 2:2 [CAL] [MGK] “Reminiscences of the Poet of the Sierras” [Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.] in Territorial Enterprise (Virginia, Nevada) 25.1 (25 October 1872): 2-3 [Written in Mt. Shasta, California October 10, 1872) [Obviously by Miller himself.] [MGK]
“A Hint to Lecturers.” New York Times (4 October 1872): 4. [NYT online].
“A Shame to Womanhood.” New York Times (20 October 1872): 4. [NYT online].
Greenwood, Grace. “Homeward Journey - Colorado Revisited.” New York Times (21
October 1872): 5. [NYT online].
“Mr. Joaquin Miller once pointed out to us the scene of an old Indian fight, whereof he bears a reminder in one of his arms, somewhat troublesome in damp weather. For a poet, and a philanthropist of the Greeley school, he seems to have had a large number of ‘scrimmages of this sort . . . . Though we had a minstrel at the festive board he harped not, neither did he sing. He was apparently in low spirits at leaving his Sierras. Crossing the alkali desert is also depressing - inclining even a poet to keep his mouth shut - but when we struck the grand Rocky range something in the poetic line was expected from him. But he kept his place on the platform in sombre silence, smoking cigarettes under the shade of a huge Panama. We suspected he was secretly wrestling with the Rocky Mountains, and that they were having rather the best of it. But if our wild singer warbled not he wrote many autographs, triumphs of illegibility. The motion of a train is not usually favorable to the production of elegant articles of this sort.”
“Why Is It?” New Northwest (Portland, Oregon) (1 November 1872) [MUL Micro] [MCK]
“Personal.” Courant (Hartford, Connecticut) 2(5 November 1872): 2.
Cited in Mark Twain’s Letters. 5 Volumes. Edited by Lin Salamo and Harriet
Elinor Smith. Berkeley, Los Angeles, and London: U of California P, 1997
“Poor Joaquin!” lecture by Minnie Myrtle Miller. San Francisco Call. (13 November 1872 [WFR] [MGK]
Round, William F. “A Poet and His Poems.” Joaquin Miller, Oregon. (New York) The Independent 24. 1253 (5 December 1872.): 8 .8. [Review of Songs of the Sierras and of Miller’s life. This is the best review I have read.] [MGK]

Letters and Archival Papers
Miller, Joaquin. Child of the Sun: the Silent Aztec from Songs of Summer Lands. [HON has in JM Box 1:folder 30] [MGK]
-----. Letter to George M. Miller [his brother] from San Francisco, California. (1 January 1872): 1 p. [University of Oregon] [LHM] (Wagner 1929:63.) [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Charles Warren Stoddard] from S[an] F[rancisco], Cal[ifornia]. (1May 1872): 1 p. [Addressed: Dr. Don Carlos.] [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11248.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to [Ford] Madox Brown from Boston, Mass. (16 September 1872): 3 p. [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 6266.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Ch[arle]s W[arren] Stoddard from New York. (7 October 1872): 1 p. [Huntington Library, U.6 B10 L.F., HM 11250.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Horrohful Greeley on 11/7/1872. Cinncinati, Ohio. [HON has in JM Box I:
folder 29.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Lewis Jacob Cist on 11/11/1872. [HON has in JM Box 1: folder 0.20.] [MGK]
-----. Letter to Frederick Locker [-Lampson] 1872 and 1874. [HON has in JM Box 2: volume 2 (1 and 14).] [MGK]
[Album of portraits of noted persons, including Joaquin Miller, also actors and actresses who appeared in the early San Francisco theater.] [S.IU. :s.n., 1872?] 1v.: ill. 35 mounted ports). 29 cm. [Long Display] Print access [UCB] [STANFORD-MELVYL]
Autograph Collection of Famous Men and Women, 1845-1901. [University of Michigan
Library], [WC] [MCK]
Mires, Austin, Papers, 1872-1936, Washington State University Libraries
Excerpts from diaries. Mires notes that he saw Joaquin in Portland on May 13,
1878 and that he attended Joaquin’s lecture on March 29, 1900 [MCK]
[Scrapbook]. [46]pp. California State Library. [STANFORD - MELVYL] [MCK]
“Mounted photstatic and typewritten reproduction of clippings from the San
Francisco Call.”
Clarke, Samuel Asabel. Scrapbook, V. II. (Letters of S. A. Clarke to New York Times
and Sacramento Union) [HGT cite] [MCK]

Bibliography: Printable

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